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Cyclelogical issues….
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In anticipation of an upcoming project I picked up a few things. The SCM gasket set that I had been buying has been listed as OOS so I picked up this one since it’s for an XS2. What I liked was that it came with the red silicon o-rings
https://www.ebay.com/itm/332735113096 IMG_7008.jpegIMG_7009.jpeg

The other items I picked up came from Yamahaxs650.com. I think they may be trying to deplete their stock but they do have some good deals. I picked up one of their RH handlebar controls not because I need it right now but I’ve used several of them and they are a decent quality, work well and look good. I used one on the XS2 bobber to replace the compression release switch and I couldn’t be happier. I just like having one on the shelf.IMG_7010.jpeg
The other nice thing about that gasket set is the head gasket is the same thickness as an original, not thicker like the Athena one. I won't use the Athena head gaskets anymore. It seems they have an age limit, about 10 years and they give up the ghost and start leaking. I've encountered 3 so far that have done this.

I see you got a cam chain. Did you check it to see if they included a master link? The last one I got from them didn't, even though the item description says it does. I contacted them about it and they sent me one no questions asked.
I had read your post about your missing link so that was the first thing I checked. It fell out when I opened the box.