Protecting polished aluminum?


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Sunshine Coast British Columbia
Hey guys! What is everyone using to protect all the hours of buffing and polishing that goes into shining her up? I spent an entire day buffing my side cases and lower legs about three weeks ago and already they look like hell again. Crusty white deposits reminiscent of mould growing.:mad:
I literally live at oceans edge and the salt air eats my aluminum with a vengeance. I get more corrosion in one week than I did in entire season back on the prairies.
I would like to avoid clear coating but need something to minimize the time in keeping it shiny...Paste Wax works for a while but then.....
"Ride Safe!"-- "Shiny side up!" :bike:
I used Alsa Corp catalyzed clear, hard as nails and stays looking good / shiny.
Sherwin Williams Auto Paint & others can get you the good stuff.
Plus is you don't have to re-polish & wax it.

Hardware store Clear is okay anywhere but on motor/ trans; won't stay with heat.
Clear powdercoating works decently, but you lose a little luster. I've used Collinite wax in the past, its amazing, lasts about 4-5 months if you keep the bike clean...