Rocker not Centered on Valves


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Hey all,

I'm working on getting a '75 put back together that I bought from the previous owner in pieces. I finally got my top end back on the crankcase and I noticed that the rockers aren't lined up with the valves very well.

Of the pictures I attached the first two are the intakes and the last one is the right side exhaust. So the intakes are further out than the exhaust ones, and the right side intake is off the furthest.

I'm pretty sure that the po took the rockers out of the cover, but there were still faint numbers on things so it looked like he kept them in their respective positions. I took them apart as well to replace o rings and made sure that they went where they came out of.

So is this something to worry about? I did notice before putting things back together that the rockers had some side to side play, but from what I could find in other threads this was normal, and I wouldn't think that machining tolerances would be so bad that if the rockers were mixed up at some point that that would make them off this much. The numbers on the head and cover match as well.

I couldn't find any other threads addressing this specific thing, so maybe I'm just overthinking things too much?

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I think that's normal. I think contacting the top of the valve stem offset slightly like that rotates the valve as it opens and closes.