For Sale - SF, CA -- 34mm forks, full front brake setup, etc.


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San Francisco, CA
SF, CA -- 34mm forks from a 75, full 1978 harness, exhaust, etc.

EDIT: Last week! It's all going in the trash or on eBay if none of y'all want it...

Electrical + chassis + engine stuff
  • Full wiring harness from a '78 Standard. Some plugs and connectors replaced, but pretty much intact. Includes ignitor and starter solenoid, and can include a 5 wire reg/rec if you like. $50
  • Stock battery / tool box assembly - painted black, includes all bushings and hardware. $20
  • Stock stator + flywheel. Good shape, just replaced with HHB PMA kit, so don't need it. $40

Willing to combine shipping, and will discount for multiple purchases. Want all of it? Make me an offer! Let me know if you'd like to see some pics too - I don't have good photos of these three items.
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How do they look under the wrap?
Great question - I have not unwrapped them because exhaust wrap is the worst. I can try to peel some back and take a look, but it's never been stored outside since it was built so I'd imagine it's fine.

I will take a look when I get over there tonight and let you know.
Last week before stuff gets trashed. Gotta move garage spots, so I'm looking to downsize. Don't want to just sit on these parts I don't need...