The more I use that little Zeny plasma cutter...


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The more impressed I am!

Tailgate off Dale the Builder's dump truck. Either he or one of his construction apes dropped a tree on it, bent the top edge and release mechanism badly enough that we had to cut the pin off to get it off the truck.

Insurance company bought him a new one several months ago and this one has been laying in the weeds. He's not happy with the new one, much lighter duty and doesn't fit as well ( insurance company cheaping out on replacement parts???) so he wanted me to dig this out of the weeds and see if I could fix it.

Used the plasma to chop the worst of the bent up box section out of the top. The inner skin is still bent a little but I think I can beat that straight enough. Relatively light metal, I think my shop press and homey-made brake will be adequate to bend up a replacement section. If I can tweak the rest of the bend out of it and weld in a patch, it should be usable.
Not sure how much use I would have for it but ......
It's so convenient, I use mine a lot. In cases where before the Zeny I'd grab a hack saw or cutoff grinder... now I just fire up the Zeny.
Interesting, so if I'm reading right all you need other than electric power is a source of air pressure to use this?

Not sure how much use I would have for it but ......
Correct. DRY air. Doesn't have to be paint booth dry, but straight out of the compressor carries enough moisture to mess things up. Jim and I have built similar loop systems to dry the air.