XS500 carburetor problem.

Update: I just got the air filter in and they fit perfectly. Also bike runs differently with those on. One thing is I probably need to adjust the AF screws and jets again since it’s a better air filter. With this being known it only started with the choke on and after about 30 seconds I was able to take the choke off and it would run decent. When I mean run decent it didn’t seem to run violently like it did before it seemed to run smooth. But when I turn the throttle (with the choke off) it would die or bog very very low and then die. Any recommendations on what pilot jet or main jet to use? Or how many turns the AF screw needs to be in or out? I feel like the new air filters were definitely in the right direction but now I need the carb to be tuned to these filters specifications. Any suggestions?
The general rule of thumb for idle mixture is to get the engine to idle somew stable ( once valve clearances, ignition timing and carb synching is correct).
Then adjust the idle mixture screws in/ out until the HIGHEST idle speed is achieved. If the idle speed contiues to increase all the way out to 3 turns, a larger idle jet is required. This applies to BS and most other CV carbs. As previously mentioned, VM carbs are opposite.