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Large Spine Frame XS650

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by rehar, Dec 18, 2017.

  1. JimD54

    JimD54 Mechanic, 1968-Present.

    The FAA requires all wires be marked on an airplane. That's exactly how we did it when there wasn't access to a "real" wire marker. It works great.
    Well done!!
  2. Great Idea on the wiring labels, wish I thought of that on mine!
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  3. halfmile

    halfmile XS650 Addict

    I thought I had the monopoly on electronic stuff cluttering up the motorcycle lift? Looks like Great Minds think alike! :thumbsup:
    Electronics lift 003.JPG
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  4. rehar

    rehar rehar

    I was trying to take the photo without the clutter... :laugh:

    Unfortunately, the front end of the bike/wiring harness does not have the labels. I highly doubt the shrink tubes will fit over the connectorized bits now.

    One thought is to print a front end schematic on a label that I can stick onto the main tube above the engine where it will be hidden from sight until the tank is removed...

    Maybe print onto the paper label, then apply an industrial strength/weather/oil/solvent resistant clear tape over the top?
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2018
  5. rehar

    rehar rehar

    Well, a bit of drama just now.

    Got all the wiring harness done (for now). Set the menus on the Motogadget for Japanese switch control. Light, high beam, low beam pass, turn signals, brake light, horn everything working great.

    Then, the engine as far as I know - has never been started. I don't have carbs (well connected), no fuel tank yet, only part of an exhaust, but - tempted by the new wiring harness, I wanted to see if I could spin the motor over with the start button. So - I removed the plugs, thought I'd set them on the head and I could check for spark too. Sounded like a good idea. So - just quick, apprehensive push on the start button for quickest tick over to see if I could even here the starter motor engage or not. It engaged! Everything spinning at full speed, wonderful! Then I realized, I'm not holding the start button, it should stop. It didn't. Another press on the starter, engine kept spinning. Oh, maybe the Motogadget double tap, still spinning. Panic setting in... still spinning... Quick - What to do - disconnect the battery. Can't reach it easily - tight packaging... Still spinning, no signs of battery slowing down yet... OK, what can I access, power and ground at the Motogadget - grab the 6mm allen - wrong... engine still spinning, darn those Germans and their 5mm bolts, grab the 5mm wrench, disconnect the power "+" cable... still spinning... Darn, when is the battery going to start slowing down... Disconnect all the grounds at one end of the unit.... still spinning... go for the final ground on the Motogadget unit... HUGE ARC while separating the final ground, once separated - engine finally stopped spinning.

    Back to the manuals...
    Tempted to try and rotate the battery 90 degrees for easier access. TBD...
    Here is a pic of the electrics - post drama.
    Post Drama first crank 042218.jpg
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  6. mrtwowheel

    mrtwowheel Honda Etched On Brain

    Did you get spark at the plugs?:laugh2:

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  7. rehar

    rehar rehar

    In all that excitement? Nope. :laugh: :doh:
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