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xs650 build off 2014!!

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by Irish_prick, Sep 26, 2013.

  1. Ranger

    Ranger XS650 Addict

    I'm thinking there should be a gas card awarded for longest distance :)
  2. I after a complete custom ready built frame......
  3. AceofSpades

    AceofSpades XS650 Addict

    My full custom frame was mocked up, and most of the tubes were bent, but then i lost my welder for the majority of the spring then seperated drom the wife and moved out... so shop space went away.... hoping to get back on track this winter and get it put together..... simple paint job and let the bike speak for itself.... the other bike will get a stretched swingarm, new bars, a 2up seat and maybe a mini fairing and hard bags and exhaust work.... if money allows, a rephase and pmi
  4. Iowa Mark

    Iowa Mark XS650 Addict


    About this far.
  5. hmusket

    hmusket CBMMA Member

    ^So what's your plan, finish stripping it, put on a swingarm, and turn it into a standard? PersonalyI just hate it when people take a fine looking bobber and try to make it look original. LOL

    Most kidding aside, looks great so far,just take a break for 9 months and let the rest of us catch up.
  6. So whats left paint, powder and some electrical and possible upolstery or leather for seat? man your just about done. Get Crackin!
  7. Iowa Mark

    Iowa Mark XS650 Addict

    Mostly just kidding about the head start. I wouldn't mind showing up new year and taking a ride though. Father-in-law lives in Jackson Michigan, so not too outrageous an idea.
  8. Hey there Iowa Mark,

    Why not come along for the ride, and your right Jackson is only 64 Miles from Howell MI and you could ride with the pack that's forming there for the ride down to Defiance! I think it would be awesome to turn this into the Biggest Yamaha XS650 Annual Ride & Bike Show and Build Off Competition. Where you could hangout and meet others with the same passion for the old XS650's and put a face to a name and Bike. I know i missed the first one but I will be there every year as long as I can find a Bike to build, but even if I don't have one to build it will still be fun to go for the ride and just enjoy all the different idea's of what peoples bikes should and can be and to talk to all the rest of the nuts out there that have the same interests i.e. Riding Bikes & the XS650

    BTW - I would enjoy the opportunity to see your bike in person at the Ride, oh yeah, and to meet you in person too! LOL (I'm obsessed with modified XS650's)

    DJ Dave
  9. SangreDeDios

    SangreDeDios XS650 Addict

    so how many people are in it so far? minus that by 75 percent that will drop out by the end lol.
    it would be interesting to know some details on what everyone is building.
    mine is going to be just your average run of the mill hardtailed xs.
    or not. :)
  10. malloym

    malloym XS650 Addict

  11. I'm taking chopper and making it stock again...Then turning that into a tracker.
  12. Champco

    Champco XS650 Addict

    Wasn't supposed to say anything until the big "reveal" but rumor has it that Jumpstreet Customs is going to be turning out one of the flyest Disney themed trikes to ever roll out of Webberville Michigan! Keep an eye out for it.
  13. Ranger

    Ranger XS650 Addict

    Just out of curiosity, how may Disney-themed trikes have rolled out of Webberville?

    ... I kid, I kid! I've got a pretty cool seat idea I wanna have you look at when I come up in March.
  14. I'm game to go up against professional builders. Not that I have a snowballs Chance in Hell :wink2:
    I Define Professionals as if you get paid to build bikes then your a professional.
    But i was wondering if there is an Amateur division for the build off? Just Curious :shrug:
  15. Champco

    Champco XS650 Addict

    Hey Ranger, be glad to look at any seat idea you have. Lookin forward to this build off and more than anything the ride when it's all done!
  16. SangreDeDios

    SangreDeDios XS650 Addict

    I've just decided. I'm going to build an xs bagger. probably with SOA stickers. I'm also wearing an SOA hoodie to the ride when it's done.
    I'm fighting everyone who doesn't like SOA so watch out.
  17. cryingnines

    cryingnines XS650 Enthusiast

    Real nice! Really looking forward to seeing the next one Malloym
  18. Considering this, but I don't know if 9 months is enough time for me to find enough bent wood screws and rusty parts to make one of my unrideable lawn ornaments. But then again, you never know.
  19. SangreDeDios

    SangreDeDios XS650 Addict

    well if fong bros are in then I'm out. I hate fong bros :)
    channeling 2011/2012 here.
  20. Irish_prick

    Irish_prick master of the cut'n wheel

    Im always down to see something diffrent but id say if that's how you feel go to the local sons of airhockey clubhouse and dont bother coming to this event. This a fun event and if anyone has to check a bad addittude at the door or think they may plz
    Don't come.

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