1. CoconutPete

    Turning a vacuum petcock into a block-off plate. Have you done it?

    I am blocking off the petcock on one side. I have steel and could make a plate, but considering the amount of cutting/grinding and the fact that the old extra petcock is the same shape already and just sitting there - has me thinking ..... Has anyone chopped one up and used that as a basis...
  2. S

    Drilling holes in frame

    Hello, once again with another question. Thank you all in advance, you have been lots of help since i started this project. Here is my question, I am trying to mount a sportster gas tank that has the mount tabs like this tank below but the front is the same as the back (will mount on the...
  3. TwoManyXS1Bs

    Custom Aluminum Steering Damper for 70-73 XS1 XS1B XS2 TX650

    A couple months ago, one of our members asked me to make him a metal steering damper knob for his early XS. Quote: "Functional and similar to the original, but with a polished metal chrome look." Searched the web and found a likely candidate, 3-1/8" diameter cast aluminum knobs with 9...
  4. S

    Bushing adapter for petcock

    Hello My gas tank has a 5/8" bung and I cannot find any petcock of that size. I have found a 3/8" petcock so I was wondering if anybody here would be able to make a bushing adapter going from 5/8" male to a 3/8" female? Would that be easier? or I should weld a 3/8" bung over the one its on...
  5. A

    Older type seat latch on a 1977 Standard (D)

    I have a 1977 Standard (D), which has a rather bulky seat latch/lock housing welded on to the subframe. This makes it impossible to fit my MotoLanna seat, as the seat hits this housing before seating properly on the subframe/ seat rails. I have been wondering if I could use the seat latch...
  6. ExtraRegularGuy

    Tokico 6 pot swap

    Has it been done? I know the brembo swap is common, so much so that there is a pre fab braket available. I have been searching and seem to have a hard time finding an answer, does anyone have a clue?
  7. M

    In Need of an Electronics Tray

    Hello everyone, First thing is first. I have a 1973 TX650, I removed the stock electronics box, now from the tank to the rear hoop there is currently no cross brace. I tried to weld and fabricate an electronics box, but it did not turn out as I had hoped. This was due to the fact that I...
  8. Adrenaline-Junkie

    Fake Oil Tank

    So, does anyone make one? Id like one like the one monstercraftsman used to do. They seem to have disappeared though and wont respond to any form of contact. Heres a link as a reference. http://www.monstercraftsman.com/monstercraftsman-universal-fake-oil-tank-electronics-box-the-pill/
  9. Gradientthorr

    First Build: 1979 Trackerthingymajiggerwhatchamacallit

    Well, it's about time I get with the program. As you can already tell, this is my first thread of my first build on my first forum. Yes I'm a noob. But, I've been around for a bit. I've worked for Hugh at Hugh's HandBuilt for about 2 years. I've helped build Tevan's Ruby, Hugh's Slight Hell...
  10. Uglies

    How Do You Make A Foot Clutch With Forward Controls?

    I`m looking for detail plans or step by step instructions on how to build a foot clutch for the xs650 without needing a lathe lol. I have seen pics of a few but they dont go into details so im asking here Thanks.
  11. TwoManyXS1Bs

    XS650 Top End Oil Pressure Gauge

    I've been wanting to monitor the top end oiling of my XS1B for a long time. So, I added an oil pressure gauge to monitor the oil pressures delivered through the front oil pipe to the top end. Back in 1974, I had plumbed an oil pressure gauge to the main oil gallery, front of the right side...
  12. Adrenaline-Junkie

    Rolling XS650 Engine Stand

    So, do anyone make something like this? Before you tell me to make my own, i simply dont have the knowledge or resources to do so. http://www.xs650chopper.com/2010/01/xs-650-roller-engine-stand/
  13. J

    Weld-on Hardtail Advice

    Starting tearing into a hardtail project I purchased a few years ago. 1972 xs650 with a random assortment of parts. Seller told me it was a TC Bros weld on hardtail. Aside from the poor welds, does this look correct? I have a hunch that these tubes should be straighter.
  14. E

    Where to but PMA backplate bracket in Europe

    Hello Guys. here go my first post in the overwhelming forum. I am a happy owner of a 77' xs650 - the addition to my custom Honda cb350f (the xs sidekick) http://imgur.com/cX9Fqz2 When I bought it there was a charging issue, so I decided to upgrade to a Permanent alternator charging system...
  15. NONclow

    The Overkill Stand

    We've all been there. Cam chain service. Valves. Obligatory top end work.... But everyone has their own idea of engine stand. Google results are plentiful!! There're even one's that spin!...that take up.....quite...... a bit of bench space........But how many times do I need to get at the...
  16. Gcraay

    Maybe some more wiring help.

    I'm posting this even before i finish reading this article, but it reads easy to understand so far. This may even be listed already but I figure with all the help this forum had given me, I would do something to help others. http://www.bikeexif.com/motorcycle-wiring Don't worry, I'll...
  17. S

    Need pointers for tube bender with ratcheting system

    I recently bought the WFB2 - pipe and tube bender from Woodward Fab. This is a manual tube bender with a ratcheting system, and bends tubing up to 2"in diameter. This is the first time I'm using a bender with a ratcheting system. Can anyone give me pointers on how best to use it without screwing...
  18. I

    Kick starter arm doesn't clear foot rest.

    I need about an additional 1/4 inch of clearance for my kick start lever to clear my foot peg. I have a 1973 Yamaha TX650. The area of resistance is nearer the connecting bolt so heating and giving additional bent there could be problematic. Is there a replacement part or extension that would...
  19. Airwolfie

    Anybody built a fiberglass/carbon fibre tank?

    I was wondering if anybody has done or attempted to build a fiberglass fuel tank? My main concern is fuel proofing it, and also how to get the fuel cap and petcocks into the glass. I am sure I am capable of making one, just if it lasts would be the worry! I am thinking of making a male...
  20. Viking650

    Clutch spring bolt Mod

    Hello! I know there is threads about this subject, I read about using the old bolts and drilling them out and using a 40mm allen bolt. But i want to make some out of aluminum (as a "getting better on the lathe" exercise). Does anyone have the measurements for these spacers...