1. BBQRider

    XS650 forks question

    I recently purchased a pretty nice (all original) 1983 xs650. She only has 6800 miles on her. This is my first Xs and I believe I'm in love. As you guys know it's a pure joy to ride. I've been through boat and car projects but this will be my first bike project. I've owned a few other bikes but...
  2. muskallunge

    Choosing A Raked Springer

    I'm working on my first chopper with my '78 xs650. Looking to put a springer fork on 'er with a rake of at least 6-10 over (70's style buy not extreme denver style). Anyone have any advise? Are there frame modifications that I need to think about or hardtail geometry to match? Thanks.
  3. sid693

    Harley forks on xs650

    Has anyone tried running 35mm harley tubes on an xs650? Wanting to run harley forks, brakes, and 1 inch fluid reservoir. Figure I would ask before I start accumulations parts that may not work. Thanks
  4. JMcNinch

    Can I exchange '75 fork lowers with '77 fork lowers?

    Hey guys, I have a set of fork lowers that will not hold back oil, even with new fork seals. Apparently when the last guy changed the seals, they just pried against the weak aluminum cracking them / changed the shape of the cup that holds the seal.:doh: My bike is a 1975 and I have a local...
  5. yellowdog

    Fork travel

    When pushing down on the front end and then letting the forks come back up they are coming back up with a thump as they reach the end of their travel,it is a distinct clonk and it happens when going over a bump in the road as well ,any thoughts please as to what is happening .Thanks
  6. P

    Mismatched Forks and Triple Tree?

    Hey guys, So I pulled my front forks for a couple reasons recently, to replace the fork seals, put on some gaters but mainly because they were skewed and I wanted to see if I could straighten them out. I got them out and then put the fender and wheel back in and tightened up and they were...
  7. T

    73 tx650 fork rebuild/lowering???

    So I apparently bought a rare pair of rides...2 '73 650's. One red, one blue...I'm guessing they're tx650's. Long story short...I'm trying to get the front forks apart and I'm stuck. I've read Hugh's blog (awesome), but my forks are obviously different. I got the cap off the upper and the 8mm...
  8. J

    FORX: conventional 39mm, new skoo conventional 43mm, or modern inverteds?

    So for those of you that have made cafe bikes or other performance customs, which fork set do you prefer? FAT CONVENTIONAL 43MM FORKS: Many of today's flat track racers use the 43mm conventional telescopics taken from early 2000's sportbikes. Beefy and rigid, they are also well supported by...
  9. D

    HELP! Identify fork tubes.

    I was sold a set of fork tubes that were advertised to work on my 35mm xs650 front end. I just got them and they do not look like the newer style seeing they are smooth the entire length with no indents or holes. Plus they are 34mm OD and not 35mm 35" total in length here is a picture...
  10. natek

    Interchangeability between TX750 and XS650 questions...

    Hey all, thanks for the help in advance! I came across a guy one town over with a 1973 TX750 he was parting out. It's a steal for what all I'm taking off the bike (tank, both wheels as I want the shouldered look and the big drum in the rear, headlight bucket to sell as the paint is good...
  11. M

    to shorten or not to shorten

    I'm putting forks from a Yamaha XV920RH on my tracker project and have been thinking of shortening them as they are 2" longer than the stock "Special" forks. I'm putting a 19" wheel on the back therefore raising the rear end which made me think twice. Maybe I should leave well enough alone as...
  12. Airwolfie

    Yamaha YZF front forks modification!

    A HUGE thanks to Ants on the UK forum, who has helped me getting this sorted! He has a machine shop close to him that was very helpful, and only cost £90 to do. Basically they pressed out the R1 stem, enlarged the hole on the bottom tree, added a sleeve with a lip to it, pressed the XS stem...
  13. LuckyLeprechaun

    Identify dampener rod

    This weekend I went about the process of rebuilding the 34mm forks on my '76. I did a fair amount of research before I started to make sure I had everything I needed and things would go as smoothly as possible. However, after I got started, I could not get the dampener rods out. I first tried a...
  14. jdizon

    Fork bleeder screws

    Anyone know dimensions for the fork bleeder screws? Mikexs does not seem to carry them. Thanks. ~Johann
  15. T

    Front wheel not sitting straight

    What's going on fellas I just recently started rebuilding my Xs and at the point I'm putti g the front end together. I replaced the bearings with a set from all balls everything was going smooth until I out the wheel on. The wheel doesn't sit straight it has a lean to the right when looking at...
  16. S

    Wheel size, fork lowering question

    Perhaps, a silly question. 77 XS, I switched from stock 19" front rim to a 21" dirtbike rim. Am I correct in thinking that a 2" lowering kit will bring it back to stock height? 3" bring me to -1"? Thanks guys
  17. A

    1972 front fork rebuild

    Hey All, I wanted to see if you could all help me out with my front forks. I took them apart and I noticed on the upper tubes the circle clamp at the bottom appears to be wrong. Must of mad his own. Can you tell me if this is right. If not where can I get the correct part.
  18. D

    Fork brace install

    Hey guys, Just got my Gordon Scott front fork brace, and it is a beaut. I'm a bit puzzled on how to install the thing though. Gordon tried to explain it over email, but I don't seem to be able to picture it. He says removal of the from wheel is unnecessary. Apparently you put one fork...
  19. D

    Shakey bars and forks

    Hey all, On my first few rides on my hardtailed 79 2F and I feel like the handlebars feel a bit loose somehow. Is that normal? It's almost like I haven't tightened everything, but I'm pretty sure I have (very sure actually). I just upgraded my bearings to tapered rollers, maybe I didn't...
  20. A

    Testing forks

    Hi guys. I just wondered what the best way is for testing / checking the condition of the front suspension / forks? Is there a good way of getting an idea if they're doing the job they're supposed to? I'm going to strip and service mine before it goes on the road but I have no idea how to...