1. R

    Q. for the fork tube experts

    I ordered new fork tubes for my 74 tx650 from Mikes Xs. I have the old forks apart and found the inside diameter where the Dampener tube inserts is smaller on the Mikes tubes. The hole on the stock tubes appear to be 28mm while the hole on the Mikes tubes appear to be 26mm. Because of this I...
  2. L

    Fork Swap question

    Hey guys, i need to know if the 79 forks will fit the 71 triple tree. Right now we have the 71 xs650 but with the small top end break caliper. i want to upgrade to the bigger caliper, that sits to the back side of the fork. will i also be able to keep the stock 71 wheel axle, and the...
  3. Royboy

    Loctite on damper rod bolt?

    Rebuilding the forks on my 78' special today. Is it recommended to use Locktite on the damper rod retention bolt? Seems to me it would be a bummer if they were to loosen. If yes, would you use red or blue? Thanks, roy
  4. A

    Need Help!!

    Does anyone know a way to figure out what these forks are off of? They are KYB forks and the have part numbers "Y11HL" and Y11HR" inscribed on them. I have looked all over the internet and haven't been able to come up with anything
  5. T

    Fork length

    I have an XS-2 650 and believe that the guy before me may have installed incorrect/different than stock fork tubes, especially since I also found that the rear wheel is 16" rather than the stock 18". Does anyone what the length should be from top of fork to the slider?
  6. BigJimmyW13

    Build Your Own Springer Forks

    Might be of interest to some people here. John Brain's How to on building springer forks. How-to I know he's building them for bicycles, but really there wouldn't be that much of a change for motorcycles.
  7. rodemyyamaha

    Will 1977 forks fit 1975 triple tree?

    Hey... a gentleman on the forum has a set of 1977 forks and I need to know if they will fit a 1975 triple tree I have already powdercoated copper. Any ideas? Thanks
  8. rodemyyamaha

    Front Forks - Ring Clips

    Hey... rebuilding my front forks. Looks like someone had put a couple of long spacers inside and it caused the ring clips to break. Any idea where I can get the ring clips that are inside the forks? I have a pic of one included but the larger one that goes inside the fork tube is messed up...
  9. K

    fork oil

    Could someone confirm this is the correct amount of fork oil to use when doing and drain and refill rather than a complete re-build? 1980 XS650 Special Thanks! XSSE-XSSK-int spr and cart damper.....................35mm...169ml oil
  10. Socopunk

    Flippable Forks?

    Are you able to flip the fork tubes on a '73 TX650? The reason I ask is that I have some pitting and discoloration on the visible part of my forks. I'm sure the portion of tubing that has been in the oil is fine. Can I just pull them apart and flip them around so just the nice metal is...
  11. Dusty

    Lower Front Forks

    I've started my next build. I'm gonna try a brat style. My question is ,when I lower the rear,How do y'all lower your front forks ( short of moving them up in the trees ). Do you cut the springs, or change the springs ? I would love to hear how people do it.
  12. breahn riley

    Forks are not rebounding???

    So Im having an issue with the shocks staying compressed. Both tubes slide freely. I have lowered the shocks 2in and installed these new fork caps. I have added 6oz of 10w fork oil. im noticing that the fork cap end goes into the end of the fork spring. I am aware that these springs are...
  13. breahn riley

    Fork Tube Binding

    So I'm noticing that one of my fork tubes is binding. The tube does not seem to be bent nor is there a burr that is providing drag or somethin like that. Anyone have any ideas on how to get this resolved?
  14. snailstoves

    For forks sake.....:o)

    I've had this xs650 custom for 1 year, i love it. Except for the sub standard clutch and alternator. But my problem is this... I'm replacing the fork seals. All going well until i tried to undo the allen bolt on the bottom of the fork stanchions. It feels like the inner piece to which the...
  15. jimed

    Tool to hold the damper rod

    I am trying to get my forks apart and need instructions on how to build the tool to hold the damper rod while I loosen the hex bolt in the bottom. I have seen these plans before but for the life of me I can't find them:banghead:. I know it is made up of threaded rod and various nuts but what...
  16. sluginxlt

    yamaha r6 forks?

    found a deal on 2007 yamaha r6 wheels and forks, anyone know what would need to be done to fit these forks? also im building my own hard tail but with the wider 180mm rear tire and wheel would i need to do anything with the front sprocket to match the wider wheel?
  17. C

    fitting adjustable fork valves?

    I bought a set of adjustable compression damping valves at - turns out early '77 D model 35mm forks have different (earlier type) damper rods than other '77-84 forks. Can anyone tell me how to fit these valves to the smaller diameter top ends of my dampers? Not included in mikes...
  18. curt698

    Fork braces

    Hey guys what fork braces are you guys using? Omar's is out of my budget at $160 and I'm not sure if i like the look of the over fender one for $59 on Mikes and Central. Anybody have other options???
  19. C


    Anyone run inverted front forks?and how are they working for you ?and is the ride any differant?thanks
  20. G

    Extending front forks

    I picked up some +8 fork tubes on Ebay to add to this bike, does anyone here know where I can get brake hose that's 8" over the stock size? Also wondering about oil, I will be using spacers for the additional 8", will I just need the normal amount of oil? Geo