Flippable Forks?


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Are you able to flip the fork tubes on a '73 TX650?

The reason I ask is that I have some pitting and discoloration on the visible part of my forks. I'm sure the portion of tubing that has been in the oil is fine. Can I just pull them apart and flip them around so just the nice metal is exposed? Will this cause unwanted wear? If this isn't possible it looks like it's gators for my project.
It's not possible to flip them.. And even if you use gators, you'll probably have leaks because the fork seals can't do a good job over pitted chrome. I would look for some used forks.
Thanks for the info Travis.

The pitting is up above where the tube enters the fork assembly. Even if I compress the forks by pushing down on the bars as hard as I can, it doesn't come close to entering the fork assembly, so I'm sure leaking won't be a problem. It is totally cosmetic at this point.
Yeah.. as long as the pitting isn't lower than about an inch and a half below the lower triple tree, you should be okay.

Have you tried some fine steel wool to clean up discoloration and any rust spots? If the back sides are in any better condition, you could rotate the tubes around 180 degrees to the back.
It seems like bug juice is a common pitting starter so maybe you can rotate the tubes so the rust doesn't show.
I had the same worries and one thing i did when i rebuilt my forks was to start with 1000 grit wet/dry sand paper and used WD40 as a lube and sanded them. i progressed till i got to 2000. The chrome is really hard on the forks and i was happy with the results. Hope it works for you
I can turn the forks and hide maybe 40% of the pitting. I was afraid to go at it with the brass wheel.

1000 grit seems like it would take 20 years to sand out! It'll be worth it, though.

I'll buy the gators as the last resort.

Weird though, left fork is spotless, right is all chummed up.
Maybe one has been replaced? I've heard of people having a bad fork seal, and instead of fixing it, will just get a used fork for cheap and swap the whole thing out. :shrug: