Interchangeability between TX750 and XS650 questions...


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Hey all, thanks for the help in advance!

I came across a guy one town over with a 1973 TX750 he was parting out. It's a steal for what all I'm taking off the bike (tank, both wheels as I want the shouldered look and the big drum in the rear, headlight bucket to sell as the paint is good etc). One of the reasons I wanted the wheels was the upgrade in brakes... including the dual disk front wheel as it has both calipers and a good master. However after a bit of research it seems the TX750 in all of its jank glory had 36mm forks. My question is about the caliper mounts on the lowers; Are they compatible with either the 34mm lowers on my 73 TX650 or any of my other 35mm XS650s? Also, I assume that the carbs would be BS38s but are they linked like the later XS650s or will they be unlinked stock like my 73 TX650 was?

I'm also grabbing the swingarm as I've read it is an easy bolt on upgrade for the XS. Any other parts I should grab while I'm there that have some use/value? Thanks again for any help! :bike:
The 750 was not a dual disc bike stock. Someone must have upgraded that one. The calipers should be the same as on your '73 650. Just looking at them should tell you that. If they look different then who knows what they did to do the dual disc upgrade.

The carbs would be un-linked like your 650 ones and in fact may be the same ones, jetting and all. Good for spare parts or a spare set if in good enough shape. The turn signals may be the same as well. If you get the swingarm, get the chain guard too. Your 650 one won't swap on without some mods. With the wheels, get all the related parts (axles, spacers, etc.). The 750 has some nicer looking parts used like a chrome swingarm pivot bolt, nicer looking rear wheel spacer on the brake side, polished alloy speedo drive, and the best - a cool alloy cover on the left side front wheel disc mount.