1. T

    Starter Solenoid Wiring

    I know there are several older threads that address this but what I haven't seen is information on the switch that activates the starter relay. I have an 8 amp push button switch currently, is that going to be enough? Here is how I have it wired up currently, is this right?
  2. A

    Potential bobber build

    Hello everyone, I’m new here and have been going through a bunch of threads and can’t seem to find exactly what I’m looking for. I’m potentially going to be turning the 650 into a bobber. I want to now if there is a step by step build process, or some sort of YouTube video? This will be...
  3. T

    75 XS650 Scrambler Build

    I have a 75 XS650B that I plan to use to build a scrambler. I'm new to building bikes and there's a ton of info that I'm having difficulty finding about the specs for a xs650. Some of the info I'm looking for is all interchangeable parts example: the front end. All help would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. E

    Hugh’s hand built timing

    Scratching my head here, I’ve got an xs650 with a Hugh’s cdi ignition the previous owner put on. It seems like the timing is a bit too advanced, how exactly do I retard the timing on this setup. Every thread just explains finding tdc with the damn sticker. Nothing about actually adjusting the...
  5. W

    Xs 650 engine serial number issue

    So I bought a 1979 Yamaha xs650 I was ordering parts for it and attempted to install them but the 1979 parts where not correct from what I read on here the frame serial and engine serial should start the same mine are different and I havnt been able to find anything related to this serial number...
  6. Ceewdee

    Sold / Found / Inactive - Omar’s seat, tank, and tail section. SOLD

    Brand new Omar’s tank, tail, and seat for XS650. Tank comes with the cap and petcocks and is lined (blue stuff that I forget what it’s called). Tail section has the lighting provisions. I bought it with no intent on using but it was negotiated into some other parts purchased figuring someone out...
  7. BNL

    Sold / Found / Inactive - 1972 XS650 FOR SALE

    I have a 72 XS 650 for sale that I bought a few months back. Have tried to get it running but with no success. As I'm not too handy mechanically speaking I'm going to sell it and want to recover some of my costs. The bike is in Canada and as most of you are Americans my price is in U.S dollars...
  8. X1valin1x

    For Sale - Fenders. OEM original ready to go

    I have some stock OEM fenders off of a 81 xs 650 special. $25obo dollars each. Plus shipping. Pickup available in CNY near Syracuse NY.
  9. X

    For Sale - 1973 XS650

    Have a project that I just never had enough time or ambition to follow through with. I beli be it has around 22,000 miles. New Mikuni VM34 carbs on it. Has a pamco ignition with electronic advance on it. New rings and gaskets on the top end on it. Just never had everything fall together and got...
  10. Travis

    2023 XS650 Calendar VOTE HERE!

    Vote for the XS650s you'd like to see in the 2023 XS650 Calendar! It's time to Vote! This will be the eleventh year for the XS650 Calendars! As usual, Shawn (samoran1) is putting them together for us. The nomination stage is over and there are 26 bikes to vote for this year. Click here to see...
  11. L

    Josh Norton: Scam Artist in the xs650 community

    Do NOT buy anything off of a man named JOSH NORTON: https://www.facebook.com/josh.norton.121 This man will “sell” you an item, bug you to death about buying it off him & sending the money quickly as possible for “limited amount of item” & then respond to you every other week, once, to let you...
  12. Johnny73

    From the bottom up!

    Hey everyone, glad to be here! So I have a 75 XS650 which has been sitting in my garage for approximately 2 to 3 years. This fall I plan to start rebuilding it or should I say reassembling it with my son who is 11. I have very basic knowledge when it comes to rebuilding a motorcycle so my...
  13. T

    For Sale - 1980 XS650 Special For Sale

    1980 Yamaha XS650 Special - $1750 || Almost complete, comes with the following || -Fresh Rebuilt engine, 706cc kit -Rebuilt carbs -Motogadget M-Unit Blue unit & wiring kit -Engine covers powder coated -Rebuilt front forks -New rear shocks -Powder coated rear swing arm -Powder coated front fender...
  14. B

    79 XS650 Points issue.

    Hello, I recently aquired a 1979 XS650 SF with a points ignition system. The bike has no spark and while trying to diagnose it I decided to set the points. I watched a video on youtube () that shows how to set the points. Included in that link is a timestamp to where he uses a 12v test light to...
  15. thrilla

    I fell off my XS650 'Fat Cast Brat' and I'd like your opinion.

    Hi all! So I picked up my first 1978 XS650 last month from the 2nd owner since its restoration. I had it delivered from south England to my house in Yorkshire, I was blind buying but I've been obsessed with XS650's for a few years and when this bike, built by Kuna Customs, came up for sale, I...
  16. Colton

    XS650 Engine Parts Year Range

    So im building an XS650 engine, and was wondering if there was a website or list someone had to corelate a year range for parts specific to the engine. The crankcase is a 72 which I know is kicker only (EDIT: First year of electric), im just curious if I need to keep everything from the year...
  17. T

    For Sale - 1975 XS650 Parts Lot

    Hello everybody, have an entire bike disassembled and parts are for sale. Has not been sitting for long, less than 6-8 months. Was running before disassembly, just wanted to rebuild it. Have title for frame. Make offers If you have any questions, please ask. Thank you!
  18. '79 Special

    '79 Special

    My '79 Special at Crummock Water in the English Lake District.
  19. '79 SE

    '79 SE

    Arty Farty shot of my Special at Sundown in Workington, West Cumbria, UK.
  20. 2

    NEW PRODUCT ALERT! XS650 Lexan Window Kits (Valves, Ignition, Advance)

    Hi, I'm Dorian Redden from Victoria BC and welcome to my startup business! These window kits were inspired by my appreciation for mechanisms coupled with my love for vintage motorcycles. I showcased these XS650 Lexan window kits over a year ago and received a huge amount of interest in them. I...