1. J

    Need help with static timing...

    Hey guys. I'm rebuilding my first bike (1979 xs400F according to title). It hasn't ran in a little over 30 years, so things are a little guess-and-check, but it's been a fun learning experience. I'm finally getting to the ignition timing tonight. I have the gaps at .015 inches and am using an...
  2. gggGary

    VFD use running a 3 phase motor off single phase 220 power

    Trying to pull the trigger on a VFD. As usual I am looking at the cheap chinese stuff on fleabay. I have a 1/2HP 3 phase baldor buffer running on a VFD but just grabbed a 1.5HP 3 phase baldor, now I need to power it. Kinda thinking going oversize for reliability and so I can power other 3...
  3. DrofBBQ

    How WWII affected motorcycles

    Just read a pretty interesting short article on bikes and WWII. I hope it's ok to post the link here Jack
  4. gggGary

    Alpha TIG welder

    Anyone try this one? Reviews have been very positive. Sold a few things and feeling (a little) rich....
  5. gggGary

    Quietride helmet review.

    OK snigger if you will but I am getting old, dammit all anyways. Years of abuse and just getting older have been hard on my hearing. Tinnitus (ringing in the ears) is in full swing. A day on the bike makes it worse. Even the full boat, quiet Beemer leaves the ears ringing after a few hours in...
  6. D

    xj550 build

    was trying like hell to find a xs650 to build but ended up getting a deal on a 1982 xj550 maxim. it sat for a year and was used as a stunt bike, ignition is fubared, carbs need rebuilt, needs throttle/brake cables and a bunch of other stuff. this will be my first bike build after owning a few...
  7. DogBunny

    old Yamaha Enduro/Dirt seat I.D.s needed

    I acquired these two seats in a trade. I tried them myself, but there are zillions of different small vintage Yamaha bikes to pore through. Any help appreciated. The first seat pan is very similar to the 72-73 AT2, CT2, AT3 and CT3, but that's not what it is. Thanks in advance.
  8. hard_y_rd

    Yamaha Chappy

    Anybody have one of these? Are parts hard to source? I am going to look at one for my 4 year old. They are kinda funny looking but probably a good starter bike. Was originally looking for a Honda Z50.They seem hard to find. They look more like a dirt bike though. My main reason in finding one...
  9. gggGary

    Mechanical Mike is it in YOUR future?

    Cycle World's Kevin Cameron weighs in on FADECs mechanical mike and FADEC come from aviation Slightly derisive slang for the auto pilot and Full Authority...
  10. happydaze

    Rust-Oleum Motorcycle Cover

    Has anybody tried one of these? I keep my bike in a garage all year round, but it does get some surface rust on the chrome surfaces, especially in winter. Which size cover is good for an XS650? Medium? Rust-Oleum Motorcycle Cover Thanks
  11. happydaze

    stupid helmet tricks

    After years of owning a used helmet with peeling silver paint, I broke down today and spent about $500 on a new SHOEI RF-1200. On the way home, on the subway, I started pulling at the peeling paint on the old helmet, and found out that it came off very easily, and in pretty large pieces, and...
  12. happydaze

    Nolan N100 shield removal

    Does anyone know how to remove the shield on a Nolan N100 helmet? I was not able to find any video or user manual for this particular model, and I'd like to replace the shield. It may or may not be the same as the N100E. Thanks
  13. N

    NYS Super Swap 2016

    Well Things didn't work out for me this year like I had hoped. I normally show my Chopper at this event and was hoping to have two bikes to show this year. I was targeting the metric class as in years past competition has been sparse, that was not the case this year. There was a few british, as...
  14. A

    2016 SR400, still looking great

    A link to the Norwegian Importer page: In Yamaha racing colors straight from the factory, and looking a lot better than the XSR700 and 900, IMHO. The engine is now a 400, basically a shorter stroke 500, so not...
  15. A

    34 mm fork tubes , XS/TX/RD 350

    Hi all! Sort of a non XS question, but here goes: I need a set of new fork tubes for my 1974 RD350A, as the stock ones are pitted. When checking online with "Yamaha Parts House" they list this part number for the RD: 351-23124-50-00 Now I do know that the 34 mm RD and XS are near...
  16. A

    Any one dealt with 2 wheel-deals on ebay

    Hi, just wondering if anyone has any background on 2 wheel deals on ebay, seem to have some nice stuff at okay prices. Just checking them out before I commit. Thanks
  17. Downeaster

    Quick Thanks to Travis!

    For this ancient post on using electrolysis to clean the inside of a tank. I've used electrolysis a lot for cleaning various parts but never gave a thought to using it on the inside of a tank. His picture of the rubber cork and the bent anode was all I needed. A quick variation on his...
  18. Downeaster

    OT: Suzuki GT550 Forums?

    Got a line on a Suzy GT550. 2-smoker triple street bike. A little nostalgia, a little "something to do this winter". Anybody know of an active forum for this model? Mostly I'm looking for parts sources and such. Sort of the two-stroke equivalent of this place.
  19. solo2racr

    For you cafe' racer types......

    Vai tomar no cu.
  20. funky

    Abuse should not be tolerated on this forum

    I recently received, what i could only regard as abuse on my thread about being in Florida. This is the first time i have had this on this forum, and i must say I found it confusing to say the least as it was unprovoked. The person who did this must feel very brave as i can assure you that his...