1. P


    Hey guys I´m currently working on something I think many of us could find useful, I´m talking about the 1975 xs650 decals. I´m about to finish them but before uploading the file so anyone can use it, I need to check some dimensions in order to be as exact as possible to the original ones. Would...
  2. Santa

    Just inherited a 1975 xs650

    Hi all, I'm brand new around here. I just inherited a 1975 xs650 from my grandfather that's been sitting in his garage since '81. It's only got 2k on the odo and he even splurged for the backrest and windjammer III back in the day. Planning to try and fix it up and get her roadworthy. She's in...
  3. lakeview

    1973 TX 650 Rebuild

    The Torch is Passed From Robin C to Totalfool to Lakeview Last spring, MaxPete and John helped Robin's widow clear out much of his belongings from the garage. Included was a rusty but pretty complete 73 TX650 with a seized motor. I was there to provide transport. John spent a lot of time and...
  4. Ketchup Pusher

    The new life of a 72' XS II - Build thread

    late last year I sat on my couch, I was a tiny bit annoyed since someone else had just bought the xs 750 I thought I was supposed to buy as my winter project. So there I sat, annoyed at myself for not have been quicker out the door, quietly scrolling through different online marketplaces until I...
  5. abyssmaltailgate

    Wanted - Frame w/ or w/o Title

    I'm looking for an unmodified, uncut XS650 swing arm frame for a resto/mod. I am happy to buy a frame with or without a title. The more original, the better. I've got a motor I plan on dropping in it with '79-'80 XS-SG crankcases so a contemporary frame/fit is preferred, but I do not believe...
  6. M

    I hate old clear coat!

    Does anyone know the easiest way to strip clear coat off my aluminum forks, engine cases etc without staining the aluminum? The eventual goal is to polish them up.
  7. Jim

    New Guy Here...

    Hi all. After looking at all the XS sites out there, I've decided to kick my sidestand out here. You guys seem like a nice enough bunch. So... couple of questions. My fingers tend to throw out the F word from time to time (in a friendly sort of way). Is that cool here, or should I try to refrain...
  8. robinc

    On the road again at 40.............the bike that is

    Today was the first time back on the road in 9 yrs. for my 77D. Not very excited!!!! Only had time for a few trips around the block, had to go to a meeting. Don't you hate when work gets in the way of play? A little history: I am the second registered owner since 1990 of this 77D...
  9. 73 tx650-xs650 resto

    Wanted - 1973 Yamaha tx650

    I am looking for a front fender that is complete with stays an mounting brackets and possibly rear fender with or without light assembly needing parts for restoration have cash in hand for anyone who has any thanks
  10. TwoManyXS1Bs

    Painting recessed lettering on side covers

    I'm in the final stages of polishing my right side engine side cover (clutch cover), and am researching methods of repainting the recessed lettering. The polishing thread: Member Gcraay made a few queries on this awhile back, in these...
  11. XStretchified650

    Woodruff Keys, PMA and my Rockerbox Fail

    It has been running great. Planned to ride north to camp at the AHRMA races and Rockerbox last weekend. I was due for an oil change so I took care of that the night before. Got up early to adjust the cam chain, set the valve clearances and check the carb tuning before leaving. After setting...
  12. R

    Bad attitude from XS650 Direct

    Hi, I have been extensively refurbishing my 1980 xs650 for the past 2 years. put more than $5,000 of parts on it. Passion work cost too much.. Ordered a S__ load of parts from XS650 Direct. They have been good and the parts were, all in all, as I had expected. But recently I ordered rubber...
  13. denisducati750

    Bugger. What is this part?

    I have just realised that I've not put this part where it's meant to go - having already reassembled my engine as a first timer. What is it and what does it do? Feeling depressed at having to pull cam chain and top apart again.:wtf:
  14. J

    Need help with static timing...

    Hey guys. I'm rebuilding my first bike (1979 xs400F according to title). It hasn't ran in a little over 30 years, so things are a little guess-and-check, but it's been a fun learning experience. I'm finally getting to the ignition timing tonight. I have the gaps at .015 inches and am using an...
  15. TC2000

    xs1 1969 nearing completion

    here it is ... Rear shocks changed to modern ones ( I need to stay on the road :shrug:)
  16. XSLeo

    New Bike

    For a while now I have taken these barn find bikes with a title for almost nothing with a grain of salt. I now believe it can be done. A friend at work said a friend of his had an old XS650 Special. He thought it was an 83. We went look at it and it was. It even has the lock box and cover. A...
  17. T

    1972 xs650 first time build

    Hey yall, I got this 1972 xs650 from my dad, which was his first motorcycle. Ive never messed with motorcycles a whole lot but have rebuilt atv's. Im wanting to tear it down and rebuild it to its original form. It hasnt ran in about 25 yrs. The motor is in decent shape. My main question is where...
  18. F

    XS2 1972

    try to show my bike...
  19. gggGary

    Are my fork tubes bent?

  20. gggGary

    OW72 Yamaha factory flat track racer; truth, rumour, and innuendo

    Some OW72 info A cycleworld article. feel free to post up any info you may have