third wheel

  1. pamcopete

    Three's a crowd?

    Apparently the popularity of trikes is on the rise. Millennials and older riders and some women are gravitating to the type. I personally do not think that a trike is a motorcycle, side cars excepted. I do not salute trikes as I do real motorcycles, even Harley's.
  2. Signal

    Post Classic Sidecar

    For the past couple of years a friend and I have been building a post classic sidecar using an XS 650. We really had no idea how to go about this but have had fantastic support from the local sidecar guys who have been extremely helpful. Ideally we would have used 10 x 5 inch rims but we had a...
  3. J


    Anyone ever owned a Ural. I never owned a sidecar rig and their don't seem to be a whole lot available from the factory these days as a complete unit. Ural however does have one. I have heard some negative remarks in the past about them but from what I understand they have improved much in...
  4. JohnGoFast

    XS650 and the Sidecar of Death

    Hi guys, been a lurker for some time, now that I have a couple XS650s I figure I'll be here a bit more and should participate.. Two summers ago I picked up a Dnepr (Soviet Military Bike) with a sidecar. Ended up selling the bike and keeping the sidecar, decided to mount it up to the XS650 ('81...
  5. W

    RIP this one

    This is what disgusted looks like. I built this thing when I was enduring back issues, and did not want to have to hold a bike up with a weak right leg giving me trouble. I am satisfied with the comfort, the full wheel cover look, the motor is dialed in pretty darn good. Of course these things...
  6. fredintoon

    Velorex install

    I'm in the midst of installing a Velorex 562 sidecar on my Heritage Special that's been parked since advancing age made it inadvisable for me to solo ride anything heavier than a 250. It'll make a nice city rig to compliment my XS11/Spirit of America long distance rig. The Velorex was a...
  7. Signal

    16inch Rear mag wheel to dual disc?

    Has anyone successfully converted a XS 16 inch rear mag wheel to dual disc? The intention is for it to be used as a front wheel for a sidecar.
  8. J

    custom sidecar for 650 cafe

    So I'm new to the whole forum discussion thing not to mention this site. Here's a little background: bought a 74 XS650 street tracker/hackjob that handled like absolute crap due to the previous owners love of the sawzall. I love to work with and weld aluminum, so after a lot of hours I managed...
  9. blue900

    650 four wheeler-custom craigs list

    Interesting what creative people can do.
  10. ogh11756

    Quad rear swingarm for trike build

    Ok guy's, Just brainstorming with my creative imagination for my next build. Don't beat me up, i am looking for ingenuity!! Currently working on a 77 David Bird hardtail (Army theme) but thinking ahead to the next project build with a 75 standard i have leaning against the shed out back. I...
  11. W

    What is available

    So, I built an XS650 trike. It still has a standard rake, not good, and 4 over forks on a 19 inch wheel. I need as wide a tire as I can get between the forks. That kills my 19 inch, as they don't get very wide. What xs650 front wheel options are out there to drop to 16 or 18 inch wheels? I'm...
  12. I

    Yamaha XS 650H - Bike stalls when releasing clutch slowly?

    Hi so I pull the clutch in, drop down into First, (From neutral) I slowly let the clutch out, it catches, I start going forward, my RPMs drop down a tad, then once the clutch is fully out, it just stalls. I'm not sure if it's because I have to give her some gas, or just a tiny clutch adjustment...
  13. M

    Blow-by on a high compression motor-remedies?

    Hi all, New to this forum, but not new to XS's. I race a vintage sidecar with a 750 kitted 447 motor, 10:1 compression, Megacycle cam, etc. My question is in regards to blow-by. I have my motor set up with adequate venting, top and bottom end (with one-way check valves) but unfortunately get a...
  14. S

    This site is the best !

    I woke up this AM and it was chilly so I started thinking about winter riding, then I thought what would a sidecar look like on an XS that had been built as a scrambler ? I can't believe it, it has already been done and there is a whole bunch of "how to" stuff on here already . So if any one...
  15. 270YAM

    270° 953cc Sidecarcross engine build

    Hey guys, just thought I'd share a few pics and a bit of info on my new engine build. I'ts a 953cc (85mm X 84mm) 90°/270° rephased motor for my 1984 EML sidecarcross racer. Pictured below is the EML with my Rephased 850. Here is the 84mm long stroke crank fitted with 256 rods bushed down...
  16. angus67

    look what i found!!! I dont know how to bid, and am sure i would be bankrupt if i figured it out. if you can get it, go for it.:thumbsup:
  17. lowliferat

    trailer hitch mounting?

    how would one go about putting a hitch on a xs? hook to frame or swingarm? anyone got any pics of one? i am entertained by the idea of towing my kayak to fishing spots.
  18. Furious D

    "Scrambler" Sidecar build

    After searching for nearly a year I found a decent XS to bolt my Velorex 562 sidecar to: Its an 81 Special, I was really wanting a standard but I think I can make this work. So far I have swapped the bars and seat and mocked up the MX bars and seat off my 73 Yamaha RT-360 enduro. Not so...
  19. nj1639

    xs650 concept car?

    Whilst perusing the interwebs, I came across this in a Tri-Magnum Concepts link. Sure appears to be an xs650.
  20. J

    Cool trike builder

    Interested in trikes? Check out ebay 230703634903. This guy's name is Norm. He originally started building Triumph powered bikes from what I gather. He came from England and lives in Missouri now. Bet he could build a nice XS trike. He currently has 2 sportster powered bikes for sale on...