1. Jim

    Harbor Freight Gravity Feed Abrasive Blaster Gun with 20 oz. Hopper (Product Review)

    Twenty bucks for a made in China sandblaster. What's not to like huh? :rolleyes: Have a look here. A little background.... I have a blasting cabinet.... works great. What it won't do is swallow something like a bike frame. I've used a local sandblaster in the past who's reasonable on his...
  2. MaxPete

    Preferred Sizes, tools and other types of hardware

    Howdy! We are having a chat about tools on the ST Owners website and I joined in (I like tools) and wrote a note about some issues which I thought might be of interest to the XS650 group as well. Have you ever noticed that some socket sets do not come with certain size sockets. In most...
  3. Signal

    Workshop Necessity Timely reminder

    This afternoon we were in the workshop helping a fellow sidecar team out who have some frame cracks. While stripping the outfit some lock wire shorted across a main battery isolator terminal to ground and started a fire. The extinguisher was 3 steps away and after the initial panic was...
  4. mrtwowheel

    Need Crimpers? 55% off, 5 die sets—emarsys&utm_content=linux&sc_src=email_3019867&sc_eh=1595da17280386761&sc_llid=470200&...
  5. Gcraay

    Wanted - Bead Roller

    Looking for a vise mount bead roller with dies. I can get them for like $130 but I figured if someone had one they slightly used and just wanted to get rid of, them maybe they'd be willing to sell it cheap. So here goes. Uh...Ditto
  6. MaxPete

    Advice wanted...welders?

    Good morning all! As the Great Clean-up of 2017 continues in the Disaster Central Workshop, I have concluded that it is time for me to acquire my one last major tool purchase - a welder. I have a few projects I want to do around the house and I'd really like to build an engine stand for my XS...
  7. lakeview

    Eastern Beaver tools

    So I have a couple spare post '80 solid state reg rec's in my parts bin, and this '79 Special points model brat chop sitting in my basement needing wires and a whole lot of other stuff. It is a rescue from someone who lost interest and although I am usually more partial to the stock bikes, this...
  8. lakeview

    Banggood Products - Worth Buying?

    A while back in a thread about brakes, 5Twins mentioned that Banggood had stainless brake lines in stock at a good price. I went on line saw the product, bought a couple which were delivered at no cost to my front door. If it is any test, they look like good quality items, although not yet...
  9. A

    Sketchy Ace Hardware Ad

    Is it just me or is Ace using pictures of the old snapon soft handle screwdrivers on there ad?:wtf:
  10. gggGary

    VFD use running a 3 phase motor off single phase 220 power

    Trying to pull the trigger on a VFD. As usual I am looking at the cheap chinese stuff on fleabay. I have a 1/2HP 3 phase baldor buffer running on a VFD but just grabbed a 1.5HP 3 phase baldor, now I need to power it. Kinda thinking going oversize for reliability and so I can power other 3...
  11. gggGary

    Alpha TIG welder

    Anyone try this one? Reviews have been very positive. Sold a few things and feeling (a little) rich....
  12. Adrenaline-Junkie

    Impact Driver

    Since ive pretty much dove into a build i figured its time to start buying some tools. That being said, i have a question about impact drivers. What does everyone here use and what do you recommend? Ideally id like something with a slip clutch but have no idea where to go from there. Any help...
  13. S

    Need pointers for tube bender with ratcheting system

    I recently bought the WFB2 - pipe and tube bender from Woodward Fab. This is a manual tube bender with a ratcheting system, and bends tubing up to 2†in diameter. This is the first time I’m using a bender with a ratcheting system. Can anyone give me pointers on how best to use it without...
  14. Wingedwheel

    Throwaway Funnel

    Most of the time I can't find a clean funnel so I came up with this recycle bin beauty.
  15. TwoManyXS1Bs

    An LED Ignition Timing Light experiment

    In this thread, I'm going to try to document the critera, goals, challenges, design and implementation of a permanently mounted (but totally removeable) LED Timing Light for my XS1B, as seen in this video: I built a timing light for my Vega back in the mid-'80s. Mounted on front of left...
  16. gggGary

    Getting stuck pistons out

    Pulling down a 77 with some very stuck pistons. They are up near the top of the stroke. turning the crank is moving the cylinder up and down about 3/8" (10mm finger boy) rust buster sprayed on a couple of times. solid hits on a hardwood block then some smacking with a brass mallet...
  17. abyssmaltailgate

    Frozen Nuts (Steering Stem)

    I can't remove my bottom triple tree because the nuts on the steering stem are "frozen" and won't budge. Any tips on how to loosen the damn things without a specialized tool? I'm afraid to hit it with a screwdriver and hammer, so I'm wondering if there's a better way? Additionally, there...
  18. the Norwegian

    Master heater

    Over here the temperature is slowly sinking down to "not ride degrees", it's about 42 degrees Fahrenheit today and i think i did the last ride for the season yesterday @ 53 deg.F. It was a sunny day and i rode for about two hours mainly on the backroads, not fast but a lot of thight curves. So...
  19. GeorgeOC

    How do you secure your cycle for cleaning & maintenece?

    Hello out there to the community. A total rookie here... I've finally taken delivery on my 76' XS650C. One thing is certain. This bike needs a cleaning and some parts. I am looking for any advice beyond simply using the center stand to secure the bike while removing wheels, cleaning etc...
  20. abyssmaltailgate

    Opinions on Aftermarket Engine Stands?

    After I get my bike running, I want to clean and maintenance all the parts this winter because let's get real, you can't ride a motorcycle in Chicago during the winter. I've seen a few plans for building an engine stand/mount on this site; however, as cheap as that may be, it certainly takes its...