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Currently based in Seattle, WA.

Cold Starting Video:

I became steward of this XS 1979 standard back in 2016 with ~8k miles 100% stock. I’ve since put ~6k miles on her while riding around the continental US. I originally picked her up in North Dakota, and brought her back to Minneapolis, MN where I did some fine tuning/restoration as she’d been sitting for some time (dry storage) unused:

July, 2016:
- New Control Cables:
- Clutch cable
- Tachometer cable
- Throttle cable
- Right Crankcase Gasket replacement
- New Oil Filters:
- Right Crankcase Oil Filter Screen
- Sump Filter
- Carb Clean:
- Maintained Stock Jetting
- Updated front/rear brakes
- New Front Brake Pads
- New Rear Brake Shoes
- New Drive Chain:
- Stock Rear Sprocket (34T)
- Stock Drive Sprocket (17T)
- New Chain
- New Tires
- Valve Clearance Adjustment to stock
- Installed Center Stand && Luggage Rack

At this point, I rode her to New York, NY with zero mechanically issues. I was working remotely for a firm based out of NYC, so I visited for a few months during the summer. Once fall hit, I wanted to head South. So rode to Austin, TX and lived/worked here until the following Fall.

July, 2017:
- Added in-line fuel filters
- Replaced points:
- Dynamic && Static Timing Set
- New Tires (again)
- Valve Clearance Adjustment to stock

Longing for mountains, pine tree’s and water, I headed NW, via Utah’s famous Rt-12, to Seattle, WA. We’ve been here for the past 2 years. I haven’t been riding her as much up here as I would like to, I took a less remote job, so I don’t plan for any long voyages in the near future.

While here, I’ve done the following 2018/19:
- Installed new clutch plates
- New drive chain:
- New Front sprocket (17T)
- New Rear sprocket (36T - bit more zip)
- New Chain
- New Throttle Cable
- New Tachometer
- Converted to classic 2” riser bars

Of course, oil has been changed per spec: every 1k miles. I’ve watched chain tension along the way, typically needing adjustment also every 1k miles when really riding these distances. Carb clean approx every 2.5k as needed.

She’s an excellent bike, loves to be on the road, breathing fresh air. Since I’m not giving that to her of late, I’d love to see her move on to the next person. A very dependable classic, a pleasure to wrench on, with plenty of parts availability (see Mike’s XS for one).

Note 1: I purchased a Hugh’s Handbuilt Complete PMA system that I have yet to install, that I can include for an extra $250. I wanted to install this so that the ignition system would no longer be dependent on the battery for spark. That way, battery state will never leave you stranded.

Note 2: Tins (Fuel tank and side covers) are from a 1975 XS650.

$2200 OBO



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I live near and search often. That post has been removed awhile now.
WA to FLA shipping is how much? Just curious. XS Standards are getting hard to find nowadays eh ?
Hey guys,

Just out of town for the past week, so I've had to postpone active selling. I'll be back in Seattle but the end of this week.


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