2024 XS650 Calendar Nominations

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Has @5twins had a calendar bike? If not, I nominate his '78.
Up-to (5) nominations
Nominations DO NOT NEED to be seconded! More nominations and no seconds...

Post UP TO (5) nominations here in this thread with a picture. Nominations MUST INCLUDE PHOTO AND MEMBER NAME IN POST. Please notify the member you have nominated to accept nomination. NOMINATION PHOTOS DO NOT NEED TO BE HIGH RESOLUTION.

Phase 1: NOMINATIONS - Through October 13th or 30+ Bikes (whichever comes sooner)

Well done on the nomination responses so far.

A few things here:

- When nominating include MEMBER NAME and photo. (don't forget to @ them or contact them)
- If you self nominate just say - SELF NOMINATING a couple forgot to mention if that was the intention
- Bio on nominations isn't necessary and noms do not need seconded

I count 34 nominations up to this post. I think I will cut the nominations off on Sunday to speed up the rest of the production process. Keep them coming!
... I think I will cut the nominations off on Sunday...

I think I'm going to cut it off sooner than that.. 34 is already a record number of nominations and it makes creating the voting thread more complicated. So if you guys want to get a bike nominated, do it today. Nominations will end as soon as the voting thread is posted, and I plan to to post that tomorrow.
I'd like to nominate Packrat's avatar bike if he still has it. I'm trying to get hold of him to find out. I thought he posted a few pics with a description of it, but can't find it. He hasn't returned my inquiry so far.

EDIT: he said he didn't build his avatar bike. He has an R5 Tracker.
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Thanks for your help with my post. I have received emails about other posts about my bike but cannot access for some reason. So I could use your help again??
I think my nomination for you/your bike was removed when Travi moved your post into this thread. It keeps things cleaner and easier to follow. We have a very tolerant team in this forum.
Well, I took some landscape pictures today, if anyone cares to nominate this one ( my previous post, the pictures were not taken “ sideways “ lol) I not sure if I can use the ones that appear earlier in the thread ?


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Nominations don't need to be seconded (it's stated in the first post of this thread). If you nominate your own bike, you don't need to accept because it's implied that you want to be in the calendar, will send in high-quality photos, and have the rights to those photos. If you are nominated by someone else, you do need to accept the nomination because you need to acknowledge that you actually want your bike to be in the calendar, that you will provide pictures, etc.

In prior years (2022 calendar and before), someone had to nominate your bike, someone else had to agree with that nomination and second it, then you would accept it. Self-nominations were allowed, but someone else still needed to second it. Over the years basically every bike that was nominated was seconded, so we dropped the requirement to streamline and speed up the nomination process.
Specially these days….not a day goes by lately that our nice polite ways are challenged by our own leaders lol
We practically need an intervention with beer , bacon and plaid !
@Paleomechanic; love your bike right up my street.
I go with the beer and bacon!
Errrrr.... Not sure what 'plaid' is?:umm:
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