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I'm getting a head start this year to offer up the 11TH EDITION of the XS650 Calendar! I was wrong AGAIN. 2022 calendar is the 10th year and next year will be the 11th Calendar šŸ˜ I'm allotting plenty of time this year but It's time to start the process and nominate, vote, and decide who will be featured in the XS650 calendar! I'd like to see the most nominations of any year!

This will be the official thread for the 2023 XS650 Calendar. NOW is the time to get quality photos if you want to be nominated or have a shot at being selected in the calendar. I am feeling very optimistic with a goal of shipping calendars in October.

Appreciate all the support over the years!

Up-to (5) nominations
Nominations DO NOT NEED to be seconded! More nominations and no seconds...


Post UP TO (5) nominations here in this thread with a picture. Nominations MUST INCLUDE PHOTO AND MEMBER NAME IN POST. Please notify the member you have nominated to accept nomination. NOMINATION PHOTOS DO NOT NEED TO BE HIGH RESOLUTION.

Phase 1: NOMINATIONS - Through September 5th / Labor Day (US) or 30+ Bikes (whichever comes sooner)
Phase 3:
Phase 4)
ā€¢ Production>Shipping>Delivery

NOW is a good time to get some nice photos of your bike if you would like to be nominated before riding season is over and the snow falls. If no pictures or contact has been made after a week the next member with the most votes is in so make sure to follow all calendar threads.

PHOTO TAKING NOTES: Most smartphone cameras now take high resolution photos if that is all you have.
1.) Make sure your phone is turned sideways (landscape) when taking photos
2.) Always leave enough background space on all sides. This makes it better when cropping and preparing the layout of the main images. I can be zoom in and crop but can't add background and your bike will get cut off on the page
3.) Please do not use filters as this will degrade the image in all likelihood.
4.) Send the raw camera files (full size image) from phone or camera, nothing from the internet

Nominations - Through September 5th / Labor Day (US)
1. NOMINATE up-to 5 bikes that you'd like to see in the calendar for 2023. Nominee must be a member with their bike/build posted on XS650.com. Remember PHOTO and MEMBER NAME included in nomination post.
2. Contact the bike owner and let them know of the nomination and verify.
3. Nominations must be accepted by owner to be included in the voting thread.
4. You ARE allowed to self nominate

Voting - TBD
1. 24+ bikes with nominations accepted by owner, make it to voting stage.
2. Vote for your favorite 13 bikes (Voting thread)

Calendar Selection Winners - PHOTOS DEADLINE TBD
Selected members will be contacted by me, Shawn, (samoran1) with details of what is needed for calendar via PM and will be asking for an email address to receive photos and information. We will again use a drop box link to upload photos and bios.

As always we will have a pre-sale for those of you who want to ensure your calendar. We will start the Pre-Sale earlier as well so more people are aware. PRE-ORDERS WILL NOT BE SHIPPED UNTIL PRODUCED. We will have banners and links on the site and Facebook for pre-sale and for sale link.

If you Pre-Order you're guaranteed a calendar. After the pre-sale they are first come first serve. Calendars will be limited after the pre-order so order accordingly. Calendars will sell out and there WILL NOT be a re-order.

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Iā€™ll kick it off and nominate Lewisjohn and his xs metisse.
Who is it that has the blue bike with the 1975 decal set? I think it's a '77. It was passed onto son. I want to nominate it, but I can't find it right now.