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UPDATE 1/15/24
The store has been closed for the year. I do still have calendars available. Please DM directly and we'll work out the details. Thank you to all of you that placed orders this year!

LINK TO PURCHASE: Direct Message me for calendar details!

It's the 12th year of the calendar and will be another edition that you're going to want on the wall in the office, the shop, or bike shed. The proofs are posted.

The process will be the same as previous years with a Pre-Sale and then in-stock ordering. I got behind and then didn't get all the info for calendars in a timely manner. Pre-sale will go for ONE WEEK and the early bird pricing will be $18. This guarantees you a copy of the calendar and puts you in priority for shipping times. After the pre-sale the price will go up to $20 as it's likely I have to package and head to the post office to ship one-off calendars each day after the sale. Calendars will be produced approximately 1 week after pre-sale ends depending on my freight time.

A couple additional notes so there is no confusion on calendar or where the Paypal Charges come from.
Calendars are designed, produced, packaged and shipped by me, Shawn Moran. I use the name of my freelance business "Moran Design Co" and that is what will be on the billing from PayPal and other communications.

I want to thank everyone for the help and input as it is a lot of work on the back end of this to keep it going. Like I have said it's the members appreciation, excitement, and satisfaction that makes it run year after year. So thank you for that.



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Finally got everything I needed and proofs have been updated. The store is open for PRE-SALE orders! Let me know if you have any issues. Going to run the pre-sale for one week. Please read the updated post for details.
My just showed up today and what a coincidence as today was the day that I slipped the mailman his usual Burger Time gift certificates
And my bike looks better in the calendar than in person
Thanks Shawn !!! :bow2::bow2:
And thanks to all the rest of you guys too
As a side note : My fathers last place of employment used to have calendars with the babes cover picture covered by a cellophane sheet that when you lifted it up her her bikini was gone and tit's a poppin :yikes:
"you kids don't be messin with that calendar " You know he knew, thanks dad :whistle: