2023 XS650 Calendar Proof & Sale Link

Guys, I need to let you know that if you have made a purchase for the calendar it will be billed from Moran Design Company in Paypal. That is the name of my design business under which the calendars are created each year.

Maybe I have not made it clear enough. But there are one or two instances each year where someone places a Pre-Sale order of the calendar and then opens up a PayPal case before contacting me as they do not realize that it is for the calendars. I'm not sure what else I can do, the confirmation of the purchase email gives you the details of your order. Then that price number should match that of the Paypal transaction. Seems logical to me.

If there is something I can do, please let me know. It creates an unnecessary hassle for me to deal with.

Thank you.

Shawn Moran
Moran[LAST NAME] Design Co
Missed the Pre-order sale but still hope to get one later...Oh and I dont have PayPal..can I just use my VISA debit card?
Saw this today on VFT...is this you? HAPPY BIRTHDAY :cheers: