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I have been working on these for a little while and thought I should post it here. The first few sets of clutch kits went out on Monday. I got a total of 12 sets in my initial order and have 5 sets left. These include 8 Alto 2.50mm friction plates and 1 OEM steel plate for conversion of the '74 to '79 7 plate clutches to an 8 plate clutch with NO MACHINING. If you have the later 6 plate clutch there is a very small amount of machining that is needed along with an additional steel plate - I am going to be posting up a write up on that in a few days (first I have to find a pic of a later clutch boss without the spring loaded dampener as I didn't get a pic before I had the machining done). If you are interested let me know I can ship them out within 2 business days as long as I have them in stock. If I don't have them in stock I can get more friction plates in about 1 week. I prefer paypal but I can make other arrangements if needed. My paypal address is
Only 2 kits left. When these are gone it will be a little while before I order any more. Thanks for the response on these guys I hope they all work well and you are more than satisfied.
I am temporarily out of these. I will be placing an order for more within the month if there is still interest in these. Thanks to all that purchased them and I hope to hear any feedback on these. If you are still interested let me know and I will keep everyone updated as to the availability when I get more friction plates.
When I talked to the manufacturer about either kevlar or carbon fiber friction material they said they can make them but since they are not something they produce right now the minimum order would be 1500 (yes, one thousand five hundred) plates. So the initial outlay would be in the neighborhood of $9000-12000 so it is not really cost effective. They also stated that the Red Eagle friction material on their standard plates is the same material they use in drag racers with approx. 3000 hp so kevlar or CF may be a bit of overkill.
HAHA yeah that is a little over kill on ordering. Have you had a chance to run the clutch set up yet? If so what are your results?
I actually got mine installed and had a chance to run them for a short period on Monday and the results were very promising. I was having a cosistent problem with slippage with the OEM 7 plate clutch and springs all within servicable limits. With the 8-pack Alto clutch I did not have the slippage that I was previously experiencing with the OEM plates. A bit of a caveat, I also changed out all of my steel plates to new OEM plates so I ended up with 8 new Alto friction plates and 7 new OEM steel plates. The clutch did seem to bite a little more aggresively but was not overly grabby. Just a little info on how I ride, so that you understand that I do not treat these gently, I try my best to find any weak spots in the drive train with aggresive hole shots, quick shifts with hard throttle and engine braking (I ride mostly with a couple of friends that have a VN750 and a ZX7R). With the OEM friction plates I could generate slippage under all of these circumstances but with the Alto friction plates I did not have anything like I was experiencing with the OEM plates. I put just a little over 100 miles on it and had a blast, they always left me behind but that is probably due to my gearing (17x30). I think it may be time to go to 17x32 and punish it some more.
Ha yeah you and I ride the same. I am in the middle of building a new motor for my bike and I am going to need an 8 pack set up to keep up with me. building a 277 rephased 782cc motor.
Just received a pair of the 8 pack clutches today....they look great.
Thanks to ippytatoo for offering up clutches. I look forward to installing them in the near future.
I had a great response on the previous set of kits I put together. Thanks again for your interest in these, hopefully I will be getting some feedback on the kits I sent out shortly. I am getting ready to order parts to put together more of these kits. The price will still be $70 shipped to the US, international is $70+actual shipping. If anyone is interested shoot me a PM (international customers please include shipping address so I can get you a quote on shipping prior to you placing your order). I will be ordering in a couple of weeks or when I reach 5 interested parties which ever comes first.
If you have the late 80-83 clutch there is some light machining that needs to be done to the inner clutch boss. I did a short write up of what was needed for the 80-83 inner clutch boss in my thread in the garage here.

If you have the mid run 74-79 clutch there is no modifications/machining needed at all.

If you have the early 70-73 clutch the math says you may need to remove about .4 to .8mm from the bottom of the inner clutch boss (I haven't actually been able to test this as I don't have an early clutch to test on).

I have done a mid run clutch (75), a late run clutch (81) and a tx750 clutch (74) and all of the stack heights work out right and they all fit in the outer clutch baskets correctly. The info I have for the early clutch comes from in the tech section but here is what I am going off of for the 70-73 clutches

You cant get plates for the earlier 6 plate models anymore. Mikesxs and 650Central suggest using the later 7 plate set-up, although theyre thought to increase the incidence of primary dampening spring breakage. Could also swap in the complete later clutch.

Pre Aug 73...........5@1.6mm........6 @ 3.5 mm
Aug 73 – Aug 78...6@1.4mm........7 @ 3.0 mm
Post Aug 78.........5@1.4mm........6 @ 3.0 mm
Alto.....................7@1.4mm........8 @ 2.5mm

with these numbers I come up with total stack heights as follows:

early: 29mm
mid: 29.4mm
late: 25mm (due to the difference at the base of the inner boss)
Alto 8-pack: 29.8mm

Once you have the later inner clutch boss machined it is exactly like a mid run clutch.

I currently have a set in my bike which has a 75 clutch in it.

I hope that is the info you are looking for.
I am getting ready to order more parts to put kits together and will have them available for shipment in about 2 weeks. I also have some used steel plates (about 10 that I still need to check and clean up) that I can substitute for the new OEM steel plates in the kits or if you have extra steels around I can omit the new OEM steel plate. Either of these options will get a small price break ($65 vs. $70 shipped in the U.S.). If anyone is interested in these options and wants to order a kit please let me know so I can adjust my orders accordingly.

Also if any of the people who bought from the first run has had an opprotunity to install these and run them please feel free to let me know what your thoughts are on them and how they are working for you. I would love to get some feed back on these before there are too many out there and I find out they are not working as expected, although I have about 200 miles (i know that really isn't very many miles) on mine and I am very happy with them at this point.

I am also thinking about listing these on ebay but the price through ebay will have to be $80 shipped in the U.S. due to ebay fees. Any thoughts on this, good/bad or other?

Thanks again to all who purchased these kits and I look forward to hearing your success stories.

More friction plates ordered. I will have 12 sets available in approx. 1 week as soon as I get them in and inspected. Pricing is as follows:

8 New Alto friction plates + 1 new OEM steel disc = $70 shipped in the U.S. (international is $70 + actual shipping)

8 New Alto friction plates + 1 used steel disc = $65 shipped in the U.S. (international is $65 + actual shipping) supply is limited on these as I only have a few good used steel discs

8 New Alto friction plates with NO STEEL DISC = $65 shipped in the U.S. (international is $65 + actual shipping)

I prefer paypal but other arrangements can be made. If you are interested PM me with your paypal address and I will send you an invoice as soon as they come in.

Just received my stock of Alto friction plates. I should be receiving my order of new OEM steel plates on Monday or Tuesday. I will be test fitting the Alto friction plates in my spare outer basket tonight and getting 6 of the kits together for shipping with good used steel plates. If you are interested and have already sent me a PM I am sending out invoices tonight. If you are interested and have not sent me a PM please send a PM with your paypal address and I will send an Invoice.
Quick update. Clutch kits are back in stock and ready to ship. I have 8 with new OEM steel disks and 2 with used known good steel disks. If anyone is interested PM me. They are (prices include shipping in the U.S.) $70 for the ones with the new steel disk and $65 for the ones with the used steel disks. I also have 1 inner clutch hub if you are interested and have a later style clutch. It is $40 shipped in the U.S.