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Along with the rigid 77 and the basket case 78, looks like I'll have yet another project bike! 1979 Special! Trading some fabrication work for this beauty! This one is in WAY better condition than the others. It has been owned and mostly garaged by the current owner for the last 30 years. I believe he said he is the 3rd owner. It's got just barely over 13k miles on it.

Currently fires over but won't stay running. Should be fairly simple! 🤞


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Yeah that's what I was thinking too. Honestly it's probably a carb issue. I have a feeling that they are all out of whack and that's why it won't stay running. Hopefully it's that simple haha. Never is though!
Odds are yes but remember oil flow too. Lost a big bore because of that. :doh:
Yes, she's running hot for some reason. Those double wall headpipes were specifically designed and used to avoid discoloring, lol. If you get them turning colors, you really are running hot. When you go through the carbs, be sure to check the jet sizes, no telling what someone may have put in there. Also make sure the pilots are the correct type (VM22/210).

I can't tell if it's got pods, but if so, without some jetting increases, that could be the reason for the hot running. Or maybe K&N replacement filter elements in the stock airboxes.

The '78-'79 BS38s are very good carbs, about the best of the 38s in my opinion. They are more E.P.A. mandated than the earlier sets, but they aren't set up too lean.
Very nice. That is the original burgundy my 78 started its life as.
Wow those pipes do look discolored.
Should not take you long to rework those carbs. Carbs are my favorite part of a rework.
Hope you don't run into the rotor and cam chain issues I did.
The bike looks really clean.

Is there a way to remediate that chrome discoloring?
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