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Raining here today so I'm in the shop and a bit bored. Decided to make a bar snake for the 77'D. 33" of 3/8ths ID vinyl tube (Daytona Bar), #7 1/2 lead bird shot, 2 round toothpicks, hot glue. Shoved a toothpick through the tube about 1/2" from one end, (something for the hot glue to bite on), ran in about 3/4" hot glue for plug, filled the tube with shot to about 3/4" from the other end, shoved the other toothpick through and sealed with hot glue. Put a little Vaseline on the front end and it slipped right into the bar.

Twit that I am I failed to weigh the thing before putting it in the bar and the grips back on but it weighed more than I expected it to. #7 1/2 shot was the smallest I had on hand. Obviously the smaller the shot the more you can get in there, hence the greater the weight.

Damn, now I'm bored again.



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So today I put the snake in the Daytona bar on the 78'SE and took it for a spin, here's my observation.

The bike is running a 17/32 sprocket combo. Handlebar vibrations are 40 to 50% reduced at 60 mph which is 3500 rpm. Smoother still at greater speeds up to about 75 mph. The road I was on wouldn't stand much more than that. It seems that the frequency of the vibe at speed is much lower than before. Coming up through the gears felt about the same as before the snake.

I will definitely be making another one of these for the other XS.

Raining here today so I'm in the shop and a bit bored. Decided to make a bar snake for the 77'D. - - -

Hi Roy,
I built my bar snake substutes to be a permanent fit.
A 12ga plastic shotshell wad is a perfect fit inside a 7/8" handlebar.
I shoved one into the bar as far around the first bend as a 3/8" wooden dowel would push it.
Mixed up a slurry of #7-1/2" shot and 2-part cold-set rubber and poured it in there.
After the slurry set up I flipped the bar and did t'other side.
Seemed to reduce the vibes quite handily.
Mr. Stupid didn't foresee that a while later I'd want to fit bar-end mirrors.
The slurry easily drills out to the needed depth using a 5/8" wood bit.