For Sale - Boat Load of PARTS -- Motivated Seller!

I am in need of the right side airbox, side plates and rear hex nut. I also need a clutch lever if you have one? What kind
I forgot also that it looks like I will need gauges for the bike as well. Do you have a nice set for a 1978 650 Special?
Some of these parts I will practically give away. Everything for less than you'd think, even nice and valuable parts.

Small parts that weigh 4 ounces or less ship for $4.
Parts that weigh less than a pound ship for $5-7.
Heavy items that will fit in a Priority Mail Padded Flat Rate Envelope ship for $8.50 (starter motor, charging rotor, foot peg set, kick-start lever, kick-start gear, speedometer, etc.).
Bigger items ship for less than you'd think. I ship every day, and I know how to ship cheaply.
I ship with tracking, and I ship world-wide.

I've priced a few things, otherwise MAKE OFFER, and I'll provide condition details and take additional pics if needed. Please send offers using PM. Or, PM me and ask for me to quote a price. Make a counteroffer if you think my quote is too high.
I acquired a big cache, these pics are a fraction of what I have. If you don't see it, ask, BUT, I don't have any 1970-1973 parts in this particular cache.
Pics and descriptions will be updated, deleted, and added to as necessary.

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Good working starter motors, $44 each, including shipping.
Good-looking kick-start gears, with good splines. $23 each, including shipping.

View attachment 220614

I have three of these Air Boxes in EXCELLENT & COMPLETE condition, with Good filters, Good boots, clamps, springs, crossover tube. $10 each OBO, plus shipping. For 1978-1979 Specials, and all 1980-1983.

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Both of these covers are SOLD, however, I have more. I'll beat eBay prices.
Let me know what condition you are looking for -- something nice, or if a little rough is okay.
They changed a little over the years, especially the the Left-side cover, so let me know what year you need.

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Clutches, complete, or will part out. Both 7-plate (1974-1979), and 6-plate (1980-1983). I will beat eBay prices on complete clutches or clutch parts.

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Triple trees, complete or will part out.

View attachment 219148
Everything in pic has good splines.
Shipping a brake pedal costs $8.50. Will sell brake pedals for as cheap as $4 plus shipping for a perfectly functional but scraped brake pedal. On up to $8.50 for a pretty nice-looking pedal.
Have an early straight-arm kick lever, and a later bent-arm kick lever. Good rubbers, and will clean up. $12 each plus $8.50 shipping.
The shift pedal in the picture is SOLD. I might have a rougher-looking but fully functional shift pedal with good splines for about $10.

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LEFT and Right complete calipers for rebuild, no damage, usable brake pads, good bleeder screws and bleeder screw seats, all threads good. Condition of pistons unknown. LEFT-side caliper has good paint, and is $79 shipped.
The RIGHT-side caliper in the pic is sold, but I have another one, in equal condition but with better original paint, for $35, shipped.

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All tubes are 35mm. No rust at all on one of the sets. Minimal rust on the inner tubes on the other two sets.

View attachment 218970
The rear wire-spoke wheel is SOLD.
The front wheel is SOLD.

These are the only wheels I have. Rim edges are all good, with no tool marks. All bearings are good. A little rust on the wire spokes, a little rust on the chrome-steel rims, not bad.
$35 plus shipping for the mag wheel. The mag wheel will ship for between $20 and $30, depending on how close to Texas you are. The rim edges are good, with no tool marks, and the bearings are good.

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Small selection of the gauges I have. The top two clusters are pretty nice, with GOOD DAMPERS and GOOD CHROME BUCKETS. All work, but some are a little wonky -- might settle down with regular use? Ask. I am motivated to sell these!

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Small selection of the carbs I have. No compete BS38 sets, but I do have a complete BS34 set.

View attachment 218974
I'm going to toss the diaphragm slides, but the needles are good. I have just about every carb bit and piece that there is.

View attachment 218975
Good BS34 clamps.

View attachment 218976
Front and rear brake rotors. I HAVE MORE. I'll practically give you a somewhat rusty rotor that just needs to be blasted or hit with a wire-wheel.

View attachment 218977
Small selection of 1974-1983 headlights and parts that I have.

View attachment 218978
Disc brake swingarm (left) and 1974-1983 drum swingarm (right). I have more 74-83drum swingarms -- slight changes were made to them over the years, but they all interchange. These will ship for less than you'd think -- give me your zip code for a shipping estimate.

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These have to go! Straight, no dents, good chrome, just dirty. Make offer! I also have earlier year rear fenders. FRONT FENDER SOLD.

View attachment 219760
The inner rear fender on the right is for for 1978-1979 SPECIAL models (SE,SF, and 2F), and all 1980-1983 models.
The inner rear fender on the left is for all 1974-1977 models, and 1978-1979 STANDARD models.
Both are nice, with good grommets. $5 each plus shipping.
The fender seal at bottom right is $5 plus shipping.

View attachment 218983
With or without 1980-1983 tail light! Must go!

View attachment 218984
TESTED on my properly running TCI XS650, and GUARANTEED for 30 days. In my experience, if a tci works for 24 hours, it will work forever. 6-pin for $85, shipped, and 7-pin for $90, shipped.

View attachment 218985
TESTED on my properly running TCI XS650, and GUARANTEED for 30 days. In my experience, if a reg/rec works for 24 hours, it will work forever if you treat it proper. $20 shipped!

View attachment 218986
Nice chrome. I have more. At least one pair is completely straight. I'll give you a pair that is very slightly bent at the ears, that you can straighten and the bend will almost completely be hidden by the big stock headlight, for practically free.

View attachment 218988
Good stuff.
All of the splined brake pedal pivots are SOLD.

View attachment 218989
Brand-new aftermarket. Cheap.

View attachment 218990
Used oil cooler for cheap, and some brand-new parts.
The brass BS38 carbs linking connector plate is SOLD.

View attachment 218991
I have more and better alternator covers. OIL FEED TUBE IS SOLD. CAM CHAIN TENSIONER IS SOLD.
All of the "650" emblem points covers are sold, but I have a couple of near perfect plain points covers (without the "650" emblem).

View attachment 218993
Got axle spacers? I have more and better axles, especially front axles -- Depending on condition, I'll practically give you a front axle for free.
THE "TOP HAT" SPACER (center of picture) IS SOLD.

View attachment 218994
$35 PLUS SHIPPING. Both petcocks are included, and look good. Rear damper is included. Will ship for between $20 and $30, depending on how close to Texas you are.
One dent on right lower front...

View attachment 218995
...and a small ding on the left side. Paint is not bad, just very dirty. No fuel residue inside, but the inside has some rust and crust -- this would be an excellent candidate for putting dry wall screws inside and tumbling it in your dryer. Little work, and you've got a nice tank.

View attachment 221420
PLASTIC side covers and emblems. ALL STRAIGHT, NO DAMAGE. $5-10. I only have right-side covers.

View attachment 221421
The top emblem is very nice. The middle emblem is very nice, just needs the background black paint, or remove all of the remaining paint, they look good that way too.
The middle chrome cover is nice.
Cover or emblem, $5-10.

MORE TO COME. I have only gone through about half of what I acquired. IF YOU DON'T SEE IT, ASK.
I need the coil! Price?
Dog, Would you happen to have the mirrors for the handle bars, left and right? If so how much to ship to Iowa 51355.
Would you happen to have a single acorn nut for a top shock mount?
Everything I can find locally is stainless & I'd really like to keep with the original chrome.
I will be in the barn tomorrow. I should have 1. Will let you know 4pm California time. Wrenching on a monster right now


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I will be in the barn tomorrow. I should have 1. Will let you know 4pm California time. Wrenching on a monster right now
Might wanna let the guy who wrote this for sale ad respond first. Jus' sayin'....

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