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Completed the last job on the bike today, polished the second exhaust hanger and fitted the baffles to the mufflers. All that's left to do now is rip the bike apart and repaint, then reassemble. Don't know when though, I like looking at it now it's finished.
I'll be repainting with the same black, but this time applying an iso free two pack clear over the base colour coat on some selected parts: tank, seat, guards and maybe a few other bits.
When resprayed and assembled I'll fit tyres and get the the seat covered, don't trust the upholsterers with the seatpan, that's why the two pack iso free clear on the seatpan before getting it covered. I was going to cover it myself, but the Singer has given up the ghost.
When resprayed and reassembled I'll park it in the garage and cover it up and go out every now and again, uncover, sit on it, blow through my lips to make some appropriate motor bike noises and dribble down my chin.
Don't know what I'll do after this, maybe an R65, if there's anything left of my elbows.
I've enjoyed watching the build.
Pictures of the completed bike before teardown?
Hoping you will share pics after the reassembly as well. A lot of really nice work in that machine.