Happy Thanksgiving!

Thankful today. Hope you-all feel that too.
As time goes on, the holiday's bittersweet, remembrances. But that's how life goes.
The turkeys best be careful when Allison's on the job!

Honey's canning home-made sauerkraut, the leaves blow like snow going nearly horizontal...the kitties are hiding in the wood-shop, and the dogs are bored. Honey's got a bottle of good hooch and coffee and whipped cream... The cop-o-matic radio tells of drug busts and crazy people... I remember nicer Thanksgivings. Incidentally it is said that the American Puritans - old testament types but shaky with Hebrew calendars and arithmetic - made the attempt to "do" Sukkot, the Jewish harvest celebration, and they screw'd it up, and it is said that the rather abused their Native American "friends", ahem... Somewhat a moral blemish on them, it is said. Strange how History gets formed and set...and sometimes comes apart again. I mean, they canceled Robert E. Lee, why not Thanksgiving? ... crazy times!
How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time...
I have 2 local brothers, 2 daughters with families and kids. I love prepping the whole meal with my (way) better half. We always get delayed a bit but enjoy the time. Having grandkids in the house is a thrill always. Some are in the "lost in phone" phase but we'll be there when they come out of that tunnel. That part is a bitch. The good part of holiday meals is being together sharing memories and traditions and all the left over pie :) Humour aside, Mrs. and I downsized 5 years ago and when we entertain 12 or so we have this huge pile of dishes, pots and pans.
How do you eat an Elephant...?
I’m in LA. Looking at this. I’m the old man here. Life is good. Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m so looking forward to LAX on Sunday!
Brave man go to LA and LAX... I am not a brave man. In 1950 LA, which I remember slightly, it was another story - It was a nice place. Keep cool old man! ;)