Itchy Boots Fan Boi's (Spoilers Ahead)

She just said her new tablet (same as the old one) was bought from a rally racer and the description about it was in the comments, I can’t find it, if anyone can find anything about it would you please post the description?
As she rides through Africa, I'm amazed at how clean the streets and roads are and how friendly most of the people are. They live in abject poverty by western standards, yet they still have the pride to keep things as neat and clean as possible.
This reminded me of an older lady who lived in what might be considered a slum-lords apartment in the small city near where I grew up. There were four or five apartments in this building with small "front yards" actually mostly gravel and a few weeds, probably 10 by 20 feet in size. Her "yard" was in the middle of the bunch. All the others had litter and stuff in them but I don't think you could find so much as a match stick in her area!