Itchy Boots Fan Boi's (Spoilers Ahead)

There are only a couple of Countries before she is back into Namibia or Botswana where she has already been, I imagine she is going to try and explore more of the North whilst staying away from war zones, will she dare pass through Somalia? I think she may stay out of the barren desert countries like Niger Chad and Sudan.
I hope the Honda keeps on running but I didn't see anybody draining the oil and I'd be very surprised if water didn't get in there. Poor thing was upside down in the river.
As long as they pulled it out right away... and apparently they did, water in the engine would likely be minimal.
And I would guess that an hours worth of riding would boil off any water that did get in.
Latest installment is out.

In case you’re keeping score, her……..
windshield is broken
tail light is broken
GPS is broken
right mirror is broken and missing
and her motor is running bad since it went swimming in the river
and she is headed to a planned repair shop where her bike will receive some much needed maintenance.

It’s also the first time I’ve seen her skip a country for being unsafe…..The Republic of Congo. 😯 She just detoured around it.

You know something I just noticed…..she wears a neck brace. She’s probably had it on this whole season. 😄 She is getting near the end of her journey now.
I was just catching up on the last two episodes and was thinking about the sketchy fuel her bike must have run on throughout her journeys. I worry about things like ethanol free fuel but if I was in her shoes I’d be concerned the fuel she was getting wasn’t full of weasel pi$$. lol. I’d imagine frequent fuel filter changes would be a good plan for her ride.
Is it there to keep the helmet from breaking your collarbone? Or. maybe breaking your neck?

Taken from the neck brace ad on Revzilla, here is what it is supposed to do.


  • CE certified neck protection
  • Reduces neck injuries cause by:
    • Hyperflexion
    • Hyperextension
    • Axial load
    • Shear load
    • Lateral hyperflexion
    • Whiplash

I get the appeal, if you ride enough in the dirt, crashes are inevitable. She just passed 60,000 km on this Honda alone!
I have no idea how many miles / km’s she has ridden on her other bikes. And she rides on some beastly roads!
Just watched the last episode and saw her recap of her season 7 journey. That girl has balls! Looks like she’s getting close to the end of this season. Not much further to go and she confirmed she won’t be retracing her steps from season 5. Her poor bike needs a hospital visit though.