New BS 34 Carb Slide Diaphragms from JBM


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Brigham City, Utah
No :bs:...JBM Industries has introduced another of their DIY carburetor slide diaphragms for Mikuni CV carburetors BS 34. This completes the line of diaphragms for Yamaha XS 650's. BS 38's (1969 - 80) BS 34's (1980 - 85)

They're just out, listed on ebay and described on the JBM site:

This has been quite an undertaking for Don James & JBM Industries and is an important step to sustaining an almost extinct vital OEM Mikuni carburetor part.

Might be a good idea to get an order in the lineup directly at JBM, they'll be going fast!
Remember, the BS 34's are also used on a large variety of Kawasaki's and Suzuki's in addition to several other Yamaha models.

:thumbsup: Kudo's to Don James on this one! He's been working on the design and tooling for these two BS series carburetor models now for over two years. The design is really novel, resulting in a DIY friendly easy installation. Quality product. Excellent Value. XS 650's Diaphragms & Carb Holders for all OEM Mikuni CV Carbs on the XS 650.

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Great. Good to have a choice, bought a set of the 38 diaphragm a couple of weeks ago for $35 a pair looks like i got in at the right time.

Why buy off fleabay