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Smithville Ontario
Been a few years and a few bikes
Came across a 83 Heritage Special.
Like i needed another project.
Low km's
Runs fine and strong off battery only.
Not charging.
The previous owner parked it years ago due to the charging issue and then he passed.
I haven't got into it yet but the PO did a bunch of deletes - (signal cancellation module Head light safety circuit "Terms may be wrong " and such)
Electrical is not my strongest suite but I am learning quick on my last few projects lol.
I am in the Niagara region in Ontario and i fixed up a 75 years ago and remember how helpful the members are on this forum.
I am fixing up a Kawasaki Enduro for my Grand-kids to play around on and then I will get into this.
There is an amazing amount of technical info on this forum.



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Here is what I found
The PO installed a shiny new PMA charging system and the Cam fired ignition.
The bike runs like a champ but as i said it does not charge.
The ground he used was a bolt that was isolated from the frame so no ground from the regulator to the battery. Moved the ground point to the common ground by the battery and it charges 13. 5 volts at idle and 18 + volts when revved up. I am pretty sure that reg was fried by running without being grounded.
I guess i am shopping for another Regulator for this.
There is no identification on the parts to say where they were purchased or who built them.

I am assuming the kit was from Mikesxs.