82 XS650 Cafe Racer Build

Progress update
Headlight bucket installed with new modern style brackets.
Seat is properly mounted.
Located and fixed the oil leak but I have a feeling that these bikes just like to mark their territory...
Upgraded the front break caliper to a larger dual piston for some better stopping power.

Working the tank tonight; need to strip, prep and Bondo it so I can take it to a pro for paint.
While that is being painted I'll be working on finishing up the wiring. I ordered some simple blinkers and a single tail light to fit with the bobber style fender.

We're in the homestretch for spring.
The bike is already registered, just need to update tags and renew the insuranc
That looks sharp! When you get the paint work sorted, that's gonna be a nice looking ride!
Good job!
Update. The tire tube in the tank didn't work. It nearly blew my eardrums and gave me my grandpas nam flashbacks. I went and bought a dent pusher, hit the tank with some heat and popped it out... Pure luck.
I then Proceeded to cut the old rear fender in half and fabbed it up to the rear, I think it looks great. There are some before and after photos of me adding the original side covers. I need some opinions on what you all think of the look with the sides off or on. If off I will be figuring out a new battery box but with the covers I'll just leave the original.
I am hoping to do that exact mod to the rear fender on my 75 " George " any guidance would be greatly appreciated.
Hey all, been a bit.
The project has been going well. I've just been riding it a bunch and working out the kinks.
If ya'll are interested here are some updated pictures.
The tank is NOT done. I am waiting on a painter friend to have an opening so he can get the tank done properly.

She runs great as of now.
I'm brainstorming options on how to get the exhaust a bit louder but not obnoxious.
I hope you change the tires as the rear one looks all crazed with age.