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I started a thread about George, my 1975 XS650B Mock-up with out any background or intention of the build.
I have loved the look and sound of the XS's since my friends Dad brought home a black 1979 special home new in 1980. I was 10 years old at the time my ride was a 1975 xr75. Wish I still had the 75.
Forward to 2023 looking for a project to express my idea of a Cafe racer from the late 70's early 80's knowing that I don't need 200hp to have a great ride l set out to get my XS.
Found Exactly what I was looking for 40 miles away in OCMD and rode down on MC1240 "my Scrambler " to have a look. Perfect! Little more than 18,000 miles spent most of its life protected from the elements and not completely original.
There was never any intention of bringing good ol' George back to original.
My goal is, and always was to build a street brawler, Cafe style That ran the streets and strip in my hometown of Hagerstown MD.
A complete motorcycle, electric start, turn signals, full exhaust.....
Anyway, gave the kid who had the bike a deposit and had a friend drop me off the next day with the rest of the money "l did try to talk the guy down feeling like the price was fair" and the tag from my Triumph and rode home.


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