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I delivered my friends bikes back to him last week but today was the first nice day for testing. I constructed the Z1 from all used parts (his idea not mine). We basically started with engine cases about a year ago. Interesting story on the frame he found for this project. I have restored two other Z1900's for him over the last few years. He found this frame out east and when we got it I looked at the serial number and realized it was one number off from the first 73 Z1 we did. So he has two 73 Z1 bikes with consecutive frame numbers. what are the chances of that. I completed the Z1 last fall and during testing we noticed a sever vibration throughout the bike at 2900-3200 rpm. Removed the clutch plates which isolated the crank and discovered the problem was likely the transmission. So I took it back and during the winter pulled the engine and installed a new used set of gears from a KZ900 and replaced all the bearings and used a different clutch basket so everything was changed out. About the same time we noticed the vibration on the Z1 he was about to compleate the sale of his Goldstar with ABSAF 600cc custom engine with Pearson custom clutch and electric start option. Lots of custom work. Now he has had the completed bike for about 4 years but never started it until last summer (dont Ask) after a supposed well known builder completed it for him somewhere out east. His first rides were last summer. Bike never really ran that well and had other problems but I didn't want to work on it. Well the new owner was on his way with a very huge check and my friend decided to start it one more time and the clutch flew apart. Now the Pearson clutch mod uses a 80's Gs 550 Suzuki clutch with a lots of machine work to adapt to the BSA transmission. Pearson retired a few years ago and cant get parts. Well the bike ended up in my garage with the new owner looking at it and says fix it, im still interested. So I did end up working on it. Many problems were found and corrected from this supposed builder. Parts were sourced and machined. The clutch was misaligned to the crank sprocket, the timing was way off, had to re-jet the carb so it would run, the brake rod was binding severely, had to put a slight offset bend in it to operate properly, leaks all over the place. Both bikes run very well at this point and we need to get a 100 miles or so on the BSA and delivery it to the new owner in Seattle.