Just when I thought it would one a boring winter


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Well I had intended to relax this winter a but it aint going to happen. Brought my XS2 out to our pretty big car show a few weeks ago. They have a block sectioned off for the bikes. Wouldn't you know I started talking to a guy who said he has a 73 he may want to sell. 73 peeked my interest and as we talked he mentioned it was green in color. That's a 74 I said but still interested. So I go look at its and its in pretty good shape and he has this other none titled Z1 chopper thing and wants to sell as a set so I make a deal and picked them up today. Lucky me. Now if I can find a titled 73-74-75 frame I will rebuild the chopper into a decent runner. Im just finishing my friends 73 Z1 and his 68 DT1 250 so these will stay in the trailer until October or so.
new bikes 1.jpeg
new bikes 2.jpeg
new bikes 3.jpeg
They are staying in the trailer until I get more room in the shop. I will post some when she id pulled out.
Ya you guys like your z1's. When I bought my 72 Z1 on eBay 14 years ago I was bidding against a few guys in Australia, and since it was located 20 miles from me I made sure I won. Cant imagine what it wiped cost me today