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" Pentagon Major Confusion "
.... yeah , Major, want a 75' Xs ? "
.... Nope.. got three 650's
.... it's free....
,,,, Still don't need it... but I know a guy ...

So, I call Patina Pete.... he's stoked... has several Xs units... none are in good nick....there's a reason we call him Patina Pete.... It's a sunny 8 below.... he swings by... we head to the SW burbs of the metro .... Owner got a " new " project... Norton Atlas cafe'... hasn't ran since Bush #2.... huge dent in the pricy aluminum tank. This 75' last ran 9 years ago... he made the cafe' seat.. all wood... weights a lot ! Front caliper stuck.... we unbolted it... aired the tires.... Got the title.. thanked the man.... headed home.... 😎


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Hate to say it but I might be getting to that point myself. Have a 1978 that has been on the lift for several years. The only time I ran the 1983 this year was to do some short runs up and down a back road near the house. Keep thinking I should at least see if I can get the paperwork together for the 1978 so I have the title on hand for the day I decide to pass it on.
They don't stay "free" for long, lol. That one has potential though, and it's a Standard to boot. It's definitely worth saving in my eyes.
..a couple of Patina Pete's rides... his homebuilt mini bike. Complete with trash can side car and Webber grill front... wrap-pull rope Briggs and Stratton... usually starts.... His 52' Cushman .... with a rebuilt .. twice ... motor... first time.... " I thought you put oil in it ? "... second time... add'd oil... Good times... 😎


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