One Mans Junk.... '72 CS5E (RD200) Build.

Checked on the seals this morning and the Post Office still said something to the affect of still stuck in customs. Imagine my surprise this evening when the mailman showed up with the seals. :er:

Cleaned up the crank and installed the seals. I think I forgot to mention that I kept working on the crank and finally got the runout down to where it was just barely discernable on the runout gauge. I'd say somewhere around 0.0002" (two - ten thousands). The book calls for less than 0.0012". I'll take it... ;)

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Set the crank in the left case half and screwed on my homemade tooling. Worked jus' like the factory stuff. Pulled the crank in easy peasy.

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Made a (wood) platform for the left half to set on and installed the tranny.

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Ran a bead of sealant around the left case half, set the right half in position and installed the tooling. It pulled the crank out through the bearing purty as you please.

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And here we are. Crank spins nicely. Tranny spins nicely and all the gears work. If anything... it was all pretty anti-climatic.... everything went together just as it should.

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It's almost midnight and I had to force myself to quit for the night. Buildin' engines is too much fun. :laugh2:
Man, that's purttyfull! Your gonna be smellin the aroma of burning bean oil in no time. Have you miced the jugs yet?
Here ya go JP. Looks like you're correct... one size fits all tooling set for all the vertical split cases. If I'm lucky, the tooling I made will also fit my DT250 engine. Fingers crossed.

Here's outta the CS5 manual.

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I have a homemade DT crank install tool if you need it.
Forgot to update this thread. Bottom end is pretty much back together... as far as I can go anyway.
All metal and fiber disc's mic'd out within limits... they ain't nothin' to write home about though.
Scuffed up the metal disc's. They'll do for now 'till I run across some new ones.


Clutch back together. The Kicker shaft is toast so the right side is on hold until I run across a replacement.



Bagged and on the shelf for now.



How the heck did somebody chew up that kicker shaft like that! 😳
Prolly didn't get a pic 'cause I removed 'em immediately... but there was a set of Vise Grips on the shaft when I got the bike. My guess is that because the engine wouldn't turn over (backwards rings and a bent crank) they stripped the kick lever and pressed on with the Vise Grips. :banghead: