Painting Tins. No really...

What color should these tins be?

  • Candy green and white a la XS1

    Votes: 16 30.2%
  • Candy gold and white a la XS1

    Votes: 20 37.7%
  • Candy red and white a la XS2

    Votes: 17 32.1%

  • Total voters
Yes, or there's two factory petcocks that came with the tank. You could order new ones or I could send these along for you to rebuild?

Is a 79 Special fuel cap interchangeable with a Standard tank ? I really do not know. But these petcocks almost work perfectly, one leaks slightly with the original rubber components. These petcocks do fit the Standard tank.
I’m getting rid of my stash ya know
Well, for a lot of people, the only taste they have....
... is in their mouth. :boxing:

Seriously though, Yamaha was going for the Harley-ish saturday night bar hopper/Sportster look with the Specials. Although I dislike the Special seats, I like the shape of the tank. To my eye (and mouth :whistle: ), it's got good lines.
Sun baked?

One tank now shot with 2 full primer coats. I've only got one tank fixture, so tank 2 has to wait it's turn. Maybe tonight, most likely tomorrow. Once they're both primed, I'll start the bodywork on both. Whichever comes ready first will get the fixture and color first.