For Sale - Parts from 1978 XS650 Special - Chicago

Tbone1980 eyelet center to center is 13" at the height adjustment I have it at. Currently set on the middle adjustment of 5 positions.
Bumping back to the top... Sorry all, work and military have kept me extremely busy the past several months so I haven't been on the forum. The list on the first page is up to date. Let me know if you are interested in anything. I can send additional pictures and am willing to work on Price.

Hey man OK? Still alive? I've been hoping you'd respond with shipping confirmation with those side covers. Call or email me. Paid you this past Sunday. .....I hate crickets!
Sincityhawkeye, the seat is still available. For some reason I don't get notified all the time when people respond to the post.
Wow!!!.I'm super happy now. I already got the side covers. They look fantastic. THANKS SPOONITO!! SUPER FAST SHIPPING!! AWESOME.. GOOD DEAL. THANKS.