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Be very, VERY observant when you take a battery impact wrench apart. It looks simple, but there are lebendy-seven things that have to be in EXACTLY the right place for it to go back together and work.

Replaced the brush pack in my Milwaukee 1/4-hex impact. Of course the exact part for mine is obsolete, it being the -1 model. Took a chance and got the brush pack for a -2 and the critical dimensions appeared to be (and were...) the same, just some minor differences in the casting.

I had that sumbitch apart and back together a dozen or more times (all 15 screws every time!) before I got it right.

Brush pack has to fit in the slot between right and left halves of the case with the alignment pins in the right place. Motor magnet has an alignment key. Planetary gear housing has an alignment key. Battery connector has an alignment key. Wires for light have to be tucked in behind the planetary gear housing. Wires from brush pack to switch have to be tucked into their channel JUST right. Drive chuck and planetary gears have to fit over the motor shaft and into the housing just right.

Then you have to keep it all in place while replacing aforesaid 15 screws.

Amazingly for me, I didn't use (very much) verbal lubrication and nothing got thrown.