Segway scooters.


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I bought two Segway escooters from our local Aldi store this morning, got them home, unboxed them and started trying to set them up. I read the manual, downloaded the app they linked to and tried to scan the QR code, error, error, error. Next I tried to, pair with Bluetooth. Nope, will not pair. Then I tried to activate so I could use them, nope could not activate .

So, I contacted their help desk, Hahahahahaha. Some unintelligable Asian, who I could not understand at all, tried to help, but she didn't even know the model numbers, no help at all.

Next I sent an email to Segway Australia only to be told they have never sold ninebot scooters, they went on to say they were not Segway's, but Chinese knockoffs. I looked on the box and sure enough 'made in China'.

Interestingly, there are a number of stores that sell 'Segway' ninebots, so presumably, they are all selling Chinese knockoffs.

But I got my money back. Never will I buy Segway again. Who would have thought you would have to pair an escooter with your phone, activated, register and QR code it to use it.
Before long you’ll have to do all that to flush the toilet.

At which point my sanitary facilities will involve a bucket and the back yard.

Looking to buy a new TV. Try to buy a "Smart" TV without voice remote and Siri/Alexa built in. There will NOT be an Alexa in my house. I'll go back to reading all Winter first. And there will NEVER be an Apple product of any description in my house because they pissed me off and I'm really, REALLY good at holding a grudge...
I got a smart TV a few years ago. I simply never have it plugged in to the LAN, and I've never been pyssed off by or with it.
I've since discovered that Segway Australia have no connection with Segway. They are simply a store that sells the self balancing Segway scooter. Segway are all manufactured in China, so the ones I bought were ridgy didge.

I did leave something out. When I registered with Segway on their site they said they would send me a code, you know, this really, really annoying crap all sites use now to pisss you off, anyway, they didn't send the code. It took three registrations to get the code. When I finally got the code and set up my account, I then couldn't activate, so the scooter wouldn't work, despite the manual saying it would work up to 9 mph without activation. So I couldn't use the scooter.

I then found out, via the Web, I had to pair the scooter with my mobile using their app I downloaded. No mention of that intheir. Instruction booklet. Despite trying at least two dozen times, it simply wouldn't pair. So, even if I could activate the scooter I still wouldn't be able to use it without my mobile.

Then all the crap with their help desk who didn't even know the model number. She hung up and said I would receive an email with instructions - still waiting for that. No matter, it was returned and I have vowed never to buy another Segway product.

So, in order to use a Segway scooter you have to have a mobile with you at all times, how ridiculous is that? I was getting really pissed off, screaming and yelling and throwing a tantrum. The wife left and asked for a divorce, and the neighbours are still grouped out the front of my house watching the police using a battering ram trying to get in to find out who I was murdering.