Stupid suspension question: some help needed.

The offset is much lower on the zx6r triple clamps. This increases trail, which helps return stability with the steeper rake. The flexy XS frame doesn't help.

I went different with wheels as well 17x4.25 rear and 17x3.5 front, both from excel. Which contributes to how it handles. Has a kz750b rear hub, heavily modified cb550 front hub, brakes are a mix of yamaha, ducati, and aftermarket.


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Ratranger, what swing arm is that? Also from the Kawi? And nice use of a tail tidy! That is a cool looking bike. Did you do all the frame mods? What makes the XS frame so flexy in your opinion? I've definitely read the swing arm is, but haven't actually read what the main culprit is otherwise.

Do you have a right side pic? I'd love to see how you did your exhaust. Thx man.
The swingarm is from an fzr400rrsp. The frame is flexy compared to modern frames. Thin tubes with thin sheetmetal gussets where modern sporty bikes have the cast aluminum frames that are thicker with internal ribbing. Thats why newer swingarms are taller and thinner, calculated flex to take up bumps while leaned over. Most newer stuff also uses the engine as a stressed member.

Thanks, I did everything except lace the wheels, the powdercoat and bore the cylinders. If you search sumotrack you'll find my build thread showing everything.
Remove the fuel tank, look down how the neck is(n't) braced, that's a LOT of your answer.