Yamaha Demo Days in S-W Ontario

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S-W Ontario
The local dealer got the Yamaha truck in today with its load of new bikes to try out. All morning it looked that it was going to rain, but never did, which may be a reason for the low turnout. Al the better for me to have multiple chances to try bikes.
First was the FJR1300 with all the electronic goodies. The supervisor said to try it in T for touring before switching it to S - shoulda been R as th Super setting really worked well. I set off with the windshield at the bottom setting and really wished I had known it could have gone higher before getting out there and being too busy to figure how it went up. Other than that, the bike rode so smoothly, I would choose it over my own FJ-09 if that were the only criteria. Engine note was sort of posh sounding. It seemed to carry its weight lower felt planted and a little bit more stable than the FJ-09. In my view it even looks good with the bags off, but I still like my FJ-09 better.
Second bike was the Super Tenere with the rectangular bags. Again, a confident ride, but the bike was not to my taste. Oh, it was roomy and had lots of touring baggage capacity, high up off the road which I like, handled well, did not really feel heavy at least on pavement, but the engine note was grating to me. The throttle seemed a bit snatchy in both modes and I had to consciously be real smooth. It was most apparent when slowing by engine braking. Motor sounded like a large twin, and gave the impression that it would get thoroughly sweaty and work hard all day, but it struck me as somewhat graceless and not at all posh. The alloy side stand had a swollen pad at the end to help keep it from sinking in loose gravel, a nice touch.
Third bike was the XSR700. A couple minutes into the ride, I was feeling quite relaxed on it. It was a happy bike with a willing motor that sounded ok. I consistently had trouble with the shift from 2nd to 3rd, maybe operator error, but it would stay in second. Fortunately, I was not near the rev limit, but the fumble to get it into third was not graceful. For its size, weight and power, it could be a fun downtown bike, but I have been spoiled by my FJ-09. Even with its lighter weight and more easy and responsive handling, the twin XSR could only be a diversion to the "best bike ever". And a dual sport like the WR250R might be a better choice for a second bike.
The demo ride itself was well organized by the local dealer; the participants were well behaved on the route and rode safely. It was a good way to spend a few hours.
For those who insist on pictures, here is the FJ-09.


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Demo days have a way of getting me in trouble. I have a habit of falling in lust with some new model and then it drives me crazy thinking about it for the next two months. It’s especially hard when you ride some new bike that just blows your socks off and then you have to ride your old bike home. The same bike you fell in love with just a few years ago and swore it was the greatest bike ever.
A few that had caught my eye were the new Indian Scout, Triumph Street Twin and the Suzuki SV650.
Then I had an epiphany and realized how much I enjoy restoring and fiddling with old bikes and after a brief foray into modern machinery I went back to the 70’s and found my happy place.
New machines are incredible, don’t get me wrong, but I enjoy the involvement that old bikes demand.
Who says you can’t recapture your youth!
Oddly new bike dealerships creep me out, all that new iron gives me the heebie jeebies, can't leave fast enough. Not exactly sure why. I suspect I prefer a one on one relationship with a "special" machine. Modern dealerships feel like a whorehouse. But maybe it's a throwback to liking the small to tiny dealerships of my youth. I think it's saved me cubic bux too. :rolleyes: