For Sale - Yamaha XS650 bobber 1981 needs some TLC but runs fine. UK BASED


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THIS IS NOT A SHOW BOAT OR A BRAUTIFUL BIKE UP CLOSE! It could be if you put effort into it!

I’m selling up as I want something I can take someone with. This has been a fun bike to build and ride and learn from.
Good bits:
-MCM brat bobber conversion kit from the States, with custom covered seat.
-Boyer Bransdon ignition, works a treat, it it battery less but I have a battery connected so there is. No flickering on the lights.
-Runs a smoothly, had her dyna tuned, got her up to 37bhp! Also tried to kick her over for the first time since last year and she stated up first kick!
- upside down front forks off a Yamaha R1 I think, I can’t remember.
-Internal throttle with brass handlebar grips, took me ages to get this sorted but I got there in the end
-lots of life left on the tires and brake pads
-LED tail light and indicators
- engine was rebuilt by myself as seen in the thread above.
- rewrapped exhaust with gold coloured carbon fibre wrap
- Loads of other little things I made and added to make this a unique bike
- I’ll throw in a load of spares and bits I wanted to add but never got round to, another disc and calliper for the front(honestly doesn’t need it, stops on a dime!)
- she is loud! Not sure if that’s good or bad😁
- comes with front mudguard
- satellite speedo
-self made exhaust covers
-spoked wheels, front one with the gutter rim
- headlight mesh
-Harley kick start pedal, just the rubber bit, gives you a bigger area to step on.
- custom mid mounts
-custom alternator cover

Bad bits:
- there is a little oil leak which may need looking at, not sure where it originates from, nothing major, it just marks its territory wherever you leave her with a little spot or two!
- indicators keep shorting out, and I don’t know why. I can’t locate the problem as I’m not very electrically inclined!
- this is a tinker bike, any xs owner will tell you that, it needs tinkering with all the time, so if you don’t know what you’re doing this is probably not for you.
- neutral is almost impossible to find when she’s running, again a common problem with these old bikes. Once the motor is off, it will go in neutral.
- scratches on the paint work. Nothing major, I just haven’t bothered fixing them, no dents anywhere
-The side stand is very short, always feels like she wants to fall over, so you got to be mindful where you park up.

I’m including a load of bits for the bike, including the original handle bars( I think it looks better with them on), as I had to drastically reduce the size to get it through my tiny gate! There is also another alternator cover, I tried to convert to hydraulic, it worked for a while with a custom one I had made, bit that died in the end, was trying to is one off and Aprilla, but I didn’t have much success. Went back to cable clutch.

I also have the tail end i cut off, so you could theoretically revert her back to original state.
Looking to get in the region of around £3000, make me an offer.

Buyer to collect, either by van or ride off. Test rides only with money in my hand!
V5 in my name, currently not taxed or mot’d, although you could apply for exemption.


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