1. K

    XS charge ignition problems.

    First off, I’ve been lurking and learning a ton from this forum. I was a Harley guy but have turned toward parallel twins like old triumphs and now the xs650. Brand new build 1979 XS. HHB charging system and capacitor, mikes xscharge ignition, new advance everything, new rod, new wiring...
  2. X

    Poor running after rewiring...?

    Hey fellas, recently just finished wiring in a brand new harness. Before I completed the wiring I wired the ignition etc. in just to get the bike running, it ran really well and I had it tuned, timed and carbs synced to almost perfect. Throttle response great even in the cold and all the way...
  3. B

    79 XS650 Points issue.

    Hello, I recently aquired a 1979 XS650 SF with a points ignition system. The bike has no spark and while trying to diagnose it I decided to set the points. I watched a video on youtube () that shows how to set the points. Included in that link is a timestamp to where he uses a 12v test light to...
  4. X

    What is this?

    Hey fellows, this may seem like an amateur question but I can’t figure out what this disconnected thing is attached to my top engine mount. Any ideas? Cheers!
  5. K

    Possible TCI issue?

    I have a 1981 Special, i had it running for a couple of weeks this summer with no issues, and all of a sudden while riding home from work the bike started surging and cutting in and out, with a weird sounding engine note. I tried giving it gas to keep it alive but it eventually died completely...
  6. X

    New here, need some help!!

    Hey guys I have a 81 xs650 kickstart. Have PMA, original points. But now replaced the regulator, capacitor, switched to mikexs ignition gen 2 and new dual output coil. I can't get this bike to start. Got it from craigslist dude lied and said it needed one thing. I can't find a wiring diagram to...
  7. B

    For Sale - Ignition Coil - 1.6 Ohm - High Output - TCI ignition for sale

    Ordered this and never used it. Ended up ordering a whole new vape ignition set. Retail: $41.97 + shipping. Ignition Coil - 1.6 Ohm - High Output - TCI ignition SKU: 17-6803 from Mikesxs https://www.mikesxs.net/yamaha-xs650-high-perf-dual-output-ignition-coil-oem-3g1-82310-60.html OBO +...
  8. maraakate

    81 XS650H bogging on long rides

    Hello, I am working on an 81 XS650H for a friend. For a bit of backstory, it originally had pod filters and bad float needles. So, we found the original airbox, looks to be in good shape and new OEM filters and new OEM float needle assemblies (the entire assembly including the o-ring, not...
  9. A

    anyone know what make of ignition this is? (277 rephase)

    Hey all. My mechanic used a different ignition than I supplied him on my 277 rephase rebuild, does anyone know what the make is? Have attached a coupe pics. It connects to a little black box with two coloured LEDs on it, wiring is done and fairly straight forwards but still be nice to know a...
  10. S

    spark help?

    Hi folks, I've been reading through the threads for a couple of weeks trying to advance my backyard mechanic skills but might be in a little over my head lol. I bought an 82 xs but don't think I'm getting spark. It looks like the PO changed the charging system to a PMA and the ignition looks...
  11. O

    Hughs or vape?

    Hey all. I was just wondering if the hughs handbuilt pma and electronic ignition would be a good choice compared to the vape ignition and pma kit. What are your thoughts? Also cutting and re welding the camshaft or grinding and rewelding them up. Opinions? Also, no offence to Hugh. Im just...
  12. Port

    Intermittent backfire during acceleration

    I am trying to diagnose a strange new backfire/stumble issue i have Specs: 1981 XS650 SH with Ganzo Box ignition BP7ES plugs 0.035" gaping High output coil from Mikes Carbs are well synced Stock air boxes Stock jetting (i believe) Was running with no issue on a PAMCO before the Ganzo...
  13. Muckroot

    Static ignition timing inquiry

    Hello, I just rebuilt my engine and replaced a fair number of parts, and I am now having an odd problem statically timing the spark. Known variables: I do not know when the last time the engine ran before I rebuilt it. I had Hugh's Handbuilt rebuild the crank, it is not rephased. I...
  14. kshansen

    Looking for comments on this, Condenser Tester?

    Not sure if this would be of use but just putting it out there for thoughts. It's from a Chainsaw forum but I'm thinking a Condenser is a Condenser. Looks easy enough to build even if I don't speak fluent Electronics. Maybe someone who does could give some added input as to if it would be...
  15. O

    277 ignition

    Since pamco pete is no longer in the game, i was wondering if anybody else.knows how/where to get an ignition that would work with a 277 rephase
  16. W

    Starter Button/Killswitch Install with Simplified Wiring Harness

    Hey folks, thanks for having me! I’m having some issues completing the starter circuit on a client’s 1981 xls 650 custom cafe racer. I’m using a simplified chopper diagram, but can’t seem to figure out how to integrate the OEM style starter button/killswitch since all the simplified wiring...
  17. krza

    E-ignition diagnosis help needed

    Hey all! I have a 1975 XS650, custom tracker sort of thing. After rebuilding the motor I installed the Pamco e-ignition and e-advance. I’m not a pro mechanic or electrician, but I’m good enough to follow directions and solder some good connections and install everything correctly. The...
  18. G

    1980 XS650 Ignition Advance System Missing Need Help Sourcing

    Hey everyone! This is my frist time posting and first time working on a project bike! Beyond stoked and have been looking through multiple how-tos to get this thing up and running. I have a 1980 XS650 Special and I noticed that the advance system seems to be missing. I need some help finding...
  19. Lickfold

    Help me with my Built dream project bike 1972 XS2650

    Hey Xs's dependant people i'm Lickfold 28 years young new member from Portugal and here's my project as detailed as i can so hopefully you wizards can think with me and help me achieve less wrenches and more km's ! -1972 XS2 650 - HISTORY-> It's been 3 years of a love affair... Scrapyard...
  20. O

    Ignition switch help

    Im looking to replace a broken ignition switch with oem or close looking to oem on my 1978 xs650 special but am having trouble finding ones that would fit in the original location. I dont want to relocate it as i like the spot it sits it. Anybody know of a model that fits?