1. J

    Balanced components of an electrical system

    There’s a description of my project bike, in the introductory post I made 26Jul, that I have questions about. The bike came to me basically finished but for the electrics. It was running when I first bid on it (on the NZ equivalent of Craigslist), but it was withdrawn from auction because its...
  2. kungfutoast

    Pamco E-Advance kaput?

    To the points… get it? I am running (trying to) an 82 motor with Hughs PMA, standard coil, and reg/rec setup, LED lights all buttoned up on a capacitor. For ignition I have the Pamco E-Advance. I’ve been struggling to get a healthy spark and constant power. After prodding and probing around...
  3. BlackBeans over my head

    Hello! First time XS650 owner and first time poster so thanks for looking! Just bought a '75 XS650. The PO passed away a year ago and the family knew nothing about the bike other than it was running before the PO stripped it to powder coat the frame and he was in the process of reassembly...
  4. Team Junk

    Gonzo Turns One !

    Gonzo turns One ! What is the Gonzo. The Gonzo replaces the points and condensers . That simple The Gonzo box mimics the switching that the points do to the ground side of the coil . It uses a magnet and pickup instead of points and a timing cam. The Gonzo advantage. No contact timing . The...
  5. S

    spark help?

    Hi folks, I've been reading through the threads for a couple of weeks trying to advance my backyard mechanic skills but might be in a little over my head lol. I bought an 82 xs but don't think I'm getting spark. It looks like the PO changed the charging system to a PMA and the ignition looks...
  6. Surfrat28

    1979 XS650SF - Simplified Electrical Diagram

    Hey guys I have done a little more digging and found this diagram. Wanted to see if anyone had any thoughts on if it can be used for the 79 XS650SF year. This is a new engine to me and I have it as a donor engine to my old one. If it is stock can I use the new Pamco Electrical Ignition on...
  7. T

    Hotwire with pamco ignition?

    I have a few other threads, but. I’m having an issue running: intermittent cylinder dying, switches sides, fresh battery. Has Pamco, single coil (Honda), have used diff coils to rule out. It was suggested to wire battery directly to coil to see if that works, which would indicate issue in...
  8. Port

    I Think I Fried my Pamco

    1981 XS650 SH with a Pamco ignition with Eadvance. 2009 tag on the board so I'm pretty sure it's a legit Pamco. I'm trying to diagnose a no spark situation I got myself into. I was troubleshooting a charging system issue, jumped the Reg/Rec, and let it run a few seconds too long. I saw ~16.5V...
  9. O

    277 ignition

    Since pamco pete is no longer in the game, i was wondering if anybody else.knows how/where to get an ignition that would work with a 277 rephase
  10. 2XSive

    XS Charge repair - just wondering

    I had mentioned in several posts that I had installed an XSCharge ignition on a rebuild/bobber project last year. It ran great for awhile until I inadvertently left the key on during the testing phase of my build, which subsequently fried the XSCharge ignition. The coil survived and still works...
  11. krza

    E-ignition diagnosis help needed

    Hey all! I have a 1975 XS650, custom tracker sort of thing. After rebuilding the motor I installed the Pamco e-ignition and e-advance. I’m not a pro mechanic or electrician, but I’m good enough to follow directions and solder some good connections and install everything correctly. The...
  12. Voldo

    76 XS650: Hardtail Project

    Hey, everyone. First off, I want to say this forum is a tremendous resource and I am very appreciative of all the info you guys provide. That being said, I am looking for some guidance. Ok, so here is what I am working on. Please disregard the seat/sissy bar fitment and the messy garage. The...
  13. NorazDad

    I'm switching to an HHB CDI

    Since Pete is out, I'm moving on to the next gen. ...posts to follow.
  14. Rphutch671

    Wanted - Pamco e-ignition

    So I ordered a Pamco e-ignition with the advancer on the same unit. Well couple days later I got a refund and find out he's done selling them. Crappy part is I ordered the coil and what not to run it and when I got the Pamco refund it was to late to cancel the other order. Soooo in final attempt...
  15. R

    Which pamco for this motor?

    I am getting ready to buy a pamco setup and am unsure of what setup would work best, case reads 2FO-253036...I will be running led lights all around, it has a banshee pma, and is kick only, any help is appreciated! Thanks!
  16. 79josh81

    XS charge ignition plate doesn’t fit?

    i recently purchased an XS charge ignition kit with the advance. After I got the advance and rod all squared away I went to the left side to put the ignition plate in. It did not fit and the issue was the circuit board being outside of the plate edge and the actual plate ended up being a little...
  17. Robert Dell Aquila

    Cam chain timing?

    Hi yall, hopefully you guys can help me finally get my bike running.I have a 78' 650-E 277 rephased. I believe that my camchain timing is off. I put the timing marks at TDC and looked behind the advanced unit and the dowel pin in the cam. It seems to be off not by too much but enough. I also...
  18. Robert Dell Aquila

    Timing issue?

    Hi yall, hope all is well. So basically I had an issue with my 78 xs650 rephased a few months ago where my bike would start up fine initially, would ride it around and then it would stall and wouldnt start back up again. I posted a thread with a picture of my points ignition and people commented...
  19. Robert Dell Aquila

    Pamco 277 Wiring

    Hows it going all, recently purchased a Pamco 277 igniton to replace my point model on my rephased 78 650. Was having timing issues and decided to upgrade to the Pamco. I installed the ignition using Hughes's guide. The problem I'm having is wiring to my coils. The wires coming out of the coils...
  20. jasidok

    No. Spark. Still.

    1978 xs650se. Her names Rose. Pamco ignition with e advancer. Pma and Reg/rec. removed old wiring and re wired. Removed safety relay and the two light relays. New dyno dual tower ignition coil. With new plugs and wires. New battery. New headlight. I don’t get it man. Could it be the Pamco/...