1980 xs650 sII Engine Bench Test Wiring Harness


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After The countless Guides and resources on this amazing forum, i have been able to get this far, but now I thought it might be helpful for a change to finally Create an account and make a post for some help from the experts.

For Context, I Have been restoring this 1980 xs650 special II since early February. I have completely stripped and rebuilt the motor, brakes, carbs, and have gutted the Electrical in order to replace it with a lithium battery, RFID key switch (Motoworks), Boyers Ignition, and updated controls/gauges. Every part was essentially its own project, with cleaning, blasting, prep, and cerakoting aside from the frame (powdercoated). i have slowly made my way through the summer and fall rebuilding everything to spec, aside from the electrical.

I am currently caught in a loop working out the wiring harness, but before i get too in depth with completing that, I really would like to test fire the Engine for function. If i know the Motor fires up without issue prior, when i troubleshoot the harness build i wont have to worry about that being a fault as i go through it. The Challenge i have with that, is that i do not have the original parts that were on the bike prior to stripping it down. It ran with the boyers before, but im hung up on what i need to have to fire the engine without the extras (key switch, lighting, etc)

Any tips, advice, or even direction to some helpful links in the forums would be much appreciated!



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