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Richmond, Va
Beautiful condition stock XS. Runs great! I've owned it for a year and a half and it has been my daily ride. Only 7600 miles on the odometer and the inside of the tank is the cleanest I've ever seen on a bike this old.

I really hate to sell it but my truck has expensive issues. Fortunately I have a backup XS that I'll be building over the winter.

Located in Richmond, Va

Hoping for $2500


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This is just an hour away... Hmm

I have it for $2500 on Facebook marketplace. But I'd certainly go lower for an XS lover. I just need to recoup my losses on the truck and make sure I have some left over for parts for the xs I'm working on in my basement so I'm not motorcycle-less for the entire winter riding season! (One of my favorites)
@RustiePyles When the time comes yes. For now, I have tightened the left mirror, pretty nice job too if I say so myself.
Next order of business is to make it legal with a trip to the dreaded VA DMV to get the title in my name and registered. My monthly insurance bill dropped by $15 when i added it to the stable. So, I got that going for me already...